Do we need to change the past?

Question: I know that our universe is a multi-dimensional universe, where the past, present and future unfold at the same time. If so, is it possible to go to the past realm and correct karma by accessing the vibrational band where the multi-dimensional universe unfolds, in order to correct the things of the past that affect us in the present?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

First of all, you need to recognize here that people in the modern age have a certain way of thinking. We have called it the analytical, linear mind. They tend to look at every idea through that mind and want to interpret it in a way that the mind can grasp. And this has led some people, based on spiritual teachings, based on near-death experiences or whatever you have, to come up with this idea that you live in a multi-dimensional universe where the past, present and future are unfolding at the same time. If you are to examine this a little bit critically, what does that really mean?

The past, the present and future are unfolding at the same time. But is not the idea of time that it divides experiences up into distinctly different stages: past, present, and future? So how can time be unfolding at the same time, if time is a linear process? You understand what I am trying to do here. I am trying to neutralize this linear mind.

It is correct that there is more to grasp about the universe than what the linear mind can grasp. But what has happened to many people on the spiritual path is that they are attempting to use the linear mind to go beyond the linear mind. They are attempting to express with words what cannot be expressed with words but can only be experienced. There are those who have spiritual experiences. There are those who have near death experiences. And when they come back, they have this strong desire to communicate these experiences. And how do you communicate? You do it with words. And how are words used in the modern world? Through the linear mind. They attempt to put into a linear context what was beyond the linear mind, an experience that was beyond the linear mind.

To be more concrete with your question, is it possible to go back to the past and correct your mistakes? Well, we have commented on this before in terms of what if you had a time machine, so you could physically travel back in time and correct the mistake. But this is, again, a meaningless concept. The past is irrelevant. What actually happened in the past is irrelevant to the present. What is relevant now is what you carry with you from the past. And that is partly misqualified energy which is what we normally call karma, and certain beliefs, certain separate selves in your four lower bodies.

You do not need to go back to the past to transform, transmute that karma. You just need to make the calls in the present. You do not need to go back to the past to resolve your psychology. You just need to look at it. Use the tools we have given and resolve it and let the separate selves die. Why do you need to go back to the past? It just is not necessary.

What would be more constructive is to say that you are right now carrying your past with you in the sense that you are carrying the karma and the separate selves and the traumas and the illusions that you have, in the past, allowed to enter your three higher bodies. And if you do not change what is there, what you carry with you from the past, not only does this affect your present, but it will also affect your future. Because you can, at this very moment, look at the tendencies you have in your past, and you can project how your future will unfold because you will keep repeating the same patterns until you overcome those separate selves. In that respect, you can say that you are right now carrying your past with you. And if you do not change it, you will carry it with you into the future. And it will affect you as it does in the present.

It is, I realize, quite difficult for many people to grasp these concepts. But it is, as I said, because they are attempting to do something with the linear mind that cannot be done with the linear mind. And this is probably the greatest hang-up in the modern nations. It is that so many people who are focused at the mental level, and who are ready to step up and focus on the identity level, they cannot step up higher because they are still so trapped in, so attached to the linear mind, the analytical mind. They want to create, always create a linear line for everything. And they want to put everything on that linear line, and everything has to just work out perfectly so that this leads to that, and that leads to the next, and now we have the right result in the end, like a mathematical equation.

But despite the fact that there is a certain math in life, there are certain numbers in life, the spiritual path is not a mathematical process. It is a creative process. There is no formula. There is no formula. There are formulas that limit people. You can say that your karma and psychology from past lives, they form a formula. And if you do not change anything in the equation, then the outcome will be given at some point in the past.

At any time in the past, you can look at that point, and you can say if you do not change anything from now on, this is going to be the outcome ten years from now. But you always have the option to creatively change the equation. And that also changes the outcome. That is the only way that anything can change because otherwise, the universe would be the machine that physicists envisioned in previous centuries where the initial conditions of the machine decided the final outcome of the machine.


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