Do we need therapy to deal with our separate selves?

Question: It seems to me that yoga and meditation and decrees, among other tools and techniques, are helpful in staying balanced but to actually deal with a separate self you will need therapy of some sort to look at your issues more deeply. Is this a correct assumption? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Let us put it this way. There are many spiritual techniques that have been given not only by us in this dispensation, but in other dispensations and in other contexts entirely, such as for example, yoga, that have various benefits. It can be relaxing the mind, it can be invoking spiritual light, opening up for a flow of spiritual light through the body and the chakras and they are beneficial to spiritual growth. They are beneficial in the sense that when you invoke or open the flow of spiritual energy, it can consume some of the lower energy stored in your three higher bodies. This, so to speak, reduces the tension or reduces the cloudiness or the unclearness of for example, your emotional body, and it calms your emotions to some degree.

But to really make progress you need to come to identify these separate selves and consciously let them go. The question really is, what does it take for you to come to see this consciously? I will not in any way imply that therapy is necessary for this process. But many people can benefit from therapy because it can help you become aware of these selves. Now we have given you the Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and the other books in the series specifically to help you with this process and these books can really help you make major progress.

But again, for many people, it can be beneficial to work with a therapist who can give you a more direct feedback than you get from a book. So this is something you need to tune into individually. You may need to go through a phase where you’re going to therapy. You may have a long phase where you use the books, or even other spiritual teachings to become more aware of what is happening and where you don’t need the therapy. There are some people that don’t need therapy, there are some people that absolutely need it and there is a larger group that could benefit from it, but could actually make progress without it.


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