Do thin places exist?

Question: Is it such a thing as thin places? People talk about thin places where it is more open geographically to spirituality, like Iona in Ireland and different places in the world geographically? There is a higher vibration that makes it easier to tune in to spiritual realm.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2017.

Yes and no, in the sense that it is perfectly true what Jesus said, that kingdom of God is within you. The ultimate place to tune in to your higher self is, of course, within your own consciousness. As part of the path to Christhood you come to the point where you can have this inner attunement regardless of the outer conditions. Christhood is mastery over the material world and that means that you come to a point where there is no material condition that can prevent you from tuning in to your I Am Presence. Nothing can stand between you and the I am Presence, nothing on earth.

You will see, for example, in Yogananda’s book (Autobiography of a Yogi) where he meditated in graveyards, precisely because of all these discarnate spirits that were trying to influence his mind. Therefore, he could attain greater mastery there by learning to shut out these spirits. There are some yogis that have applied this approach of deliberately seeking out places with a low vibration.

What I am saying here is that, yes there is of course a difference in vibration in different places of the earth and there are some places where it is easier to tune in to the spiritual realm. But here is where it gets complicated, my beloved, as you are beginning to realize that most issues are.

There are a few places on earth, a few, where it is easier to tune in to the ascended realm. There are other places on earth where the vibration is so that it is easier to tune in to the identity realm. There are some places where it is easier to tune in to the mental realm, and there are many, many places where the vibration is so low that it is easier to tune in to the emotional realm or the astral plane, as we have called it.

It is clear when you look at the earth, you have actually seen these maps created by satellites, where they are, for example, recording the temperature of the earth that shows warmer zones and colder zones. Well, you could create a similar map that showed the density of the collective consciousness. You would see places that were red, for example, that have a lower vibration. You would see places that were more clear that had a higher vibration and a range in between. There is, of course, some validity to it in the sense that you can go to certain places and if you are performing spiritual exercises, then it may be easier to tune in and have an experience you normally do not have in your everyday environment.

Now, have we ever, as the ascended masters, encouraged you to start travelling to all of these different places? No, we have not. And the simple reason is that we want you to have mastery of being independent of physical conditions and we know that by applying our teachings, you can achieve this. Does that mean I am saying people should not travel to various places? No, I am not. For people at a certain level of consciousness, this can be helpful.

Of course, the question is where they are travelling and what they are tuning in to? If you are tuning in to the emotional octave, the mental octave or the lower identity octave, well you are not tuning in to the ascended masters. Is this helping your growth? For some it may be, for others it may be a dead end. There is no place that I can point out where you can go and you can be guaranteed to have an experience of tuning in to the ascended masters. It simply is not so. There are some places where, if you had reached a certain level of consciousness, yes, then it might be easier for you to tune in. On the other hand, when you do reach a higher level of consciousness, you do not need to be in a particular physical location.

Of course, for all of you it can be helpful to be in an area where the mass consciousness is less dense, where there are not certain records. Certainly, I would not recommend you to live on a battle field where there are still records of the death and suffering that happened. Whether it was many years ago or a few years ago, there can be still records of it. I do not in general recommend that you live in the middle of a big city or that you live in the most rundown neighborhood you can possibly find. You may wish to do this if you feel an inner prompting to do so, but as a general recommendation, it is helpful for you to live in a place with a lighter vibration.

What I am saying is this: As an ascended masters student, do not fall into this popular belief among many New Age students that you need to go on this sacred journey and go to all these sacred places in order to have these peak experiences. Use the tools we have given you to walk the path so that you come to a point where you can have these experiences in your everyday environment or you can have it at least at conferences where you come together. Do not fall into a trap or thinking that it is the physical location that produces the experience.

You could take a hundred people and take them to what you think is the holiest place on earth and most of them would not feel the difference. You could take even New Age spiritual students and take them there and many of them would not feel the difference. It depends on the openness of your consciousness; but if you are able to open your consciousness, you will quickly be able to do it anywhere. Again, some validity but not something you should fall into thinking that there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.


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