Do the tools give life to imperfect things by focusing on evil

Question: Dear Jesus, I have come to understand, perhaps erroneously, that when we focus our attention on the imperfect things of this world, the illusions which have no reality or permanence, we in fact give life to these things. If this is true, then it would seem that any attention at all would serve to prolong the existence of these imperfections, no matter the intention behind the attention. For example, if we protest against war, or pray for peace, are we not focusing attention on war and ultimately prolonging it’s existence? If we donate money to the eradication of this disease or that, are we not affirming the existence of the disease and giving it life? In the message from The Presence of Oneness, the Presence states, “At the moment all conscious attention is withdrawn from such images, they will begin to break down and will eventually cease to exist.” This being so, it would seem that one tactic we could use to manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth would be to ignore all imperfections as if they don’t exist, thus causing them to disappear from the Earth. Of course, I realize that every single person on the planet, or at least a vast majority, would have to do this together, and this is unlikely to happen any time soon, but even if one person was to deny an imperfection his or her attention, would that not in some small measure be the beginning of the end of that imperfection? 

This brings me to another question. When giving Mother Mary’s Rosaries, I find myself affirming the existence of institutions and organizations that would actually have no place in the Kingdom of God that I envision. For example, in the Miracle Acceptance Rosary, we accept that all armed forces work to secure peace, etc. In my vision of the Kingdom, there are no armed forces and no need for armed forces. The same is true for health care. In the Rosary, we accept that health care establishments promote health and long life. In my vision, there is no need for health care because there is no disease, illness, accidents or even aging. Am I just being unrealistic? I do believe that with God, all things are possible. What do we do about differing visions of God’s Kingdom on Earth? Will we all share the exact same vision when we reach full Christ consciousness? When I think about the vast diversity we have here, it seems there could well be a million different versions Heaven on Earth. Thank you for helping me to understand these concepts more clearly. 

Answer from Jesus:

Thank you for bringing up some questions that I know confuse many of the people I am seeking to reach with this website. I often see people find this site, and at first they think the teachings seem fine. Yet when they find a teaching that talks about dark forces or the existence of evil, they get scared and don’t want to read any more. I also see many people, especially New Age people who see themselves as Lightworkers, who have been taught the understanding you describe. They think the only way to combat evil is to ignore it, so they refuse to read about it or give any of the rosaries that mention imperfect conditions. This reaction is understandable, but let me give you some thoughts that might help you develop a deeper understanding.

Thought 1
Can you make a cancer go away by ignoring it? Or are you simply allowing it to spread until it kills the entire body? The simple fact is that evil does exist [as a temporary manifestation], and its existence presents an inescapable dilemma to all people on Earth. I give some teachings on this dilemma elsewhere, but here is a short description of the problem:

  • If you ignore evil, it will spread because the basis for the existence of evil is ignorance. The simplest definition of evil is that it is the process of self-destruction. And since all self-conscious beings have a survival instinct, no being will knowingly destroy itself. Even the most evil being in the universe is not aware that it has entered a self-destructive spiral. It is trapped by an illusion that makes it think that what it is doing is right (because it knows better than God) or that it can get away with doing it (for any number of reasons). So evil exists because of spiritual blindness, and it is ignorance that makes people spiritually blind. Therefore, if you ignore evil, it will spread until it controls you completely and therefore pulls you into its self-destructive spiral. So you simply cannot ignore evil.
  • If you fight evil, you will give it power. There is truth to the statement that what you resist persists. As you say, if you give something attention, you will reinforce it. If you become fanatical and begin to fight evil, you will end up embodying the evil you are trying to eradicate. In other words, if you fight evil, you become part of it, you become absorbed by it. That is why I said, “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil:” (Matthew 5:39). So you simply cannot fight evil.

Now, from a normal perspective, one might say that this is a classical catch-22 from which there is no way out. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t—and that is precisely what dark forces want you to think. They want you to react in one of the following ways:

  • You ignore evil, whereby you give it free reign to take over your life and society behind the scenes.
  • You think evil is permanent, unavoidable or the polar opposite of good, whereby you give up and make no effort to eradicate evil. In other words, you are indifferent which also allows evil to spread.
  • You acknowledge that evil exists but become so scared that you will do almost anything to avoid confronting evil. This allows dark forces to control you through fear, meaning that they can scare you into either ignoring evil or unknowingly working for its spread.
  • You begin to fight evil with a religious fervor, which inevitably causes you to reinforce evil, either by misqualifying God’s energy or by using the philosophy of evil (the ends justify the means) to fight evil.

Again, there seems to be no way out. Yet this dilemma exists only when you look at the situation through the filter of the ego. This mind is based on duality and thus you think there are only two options. You have to either ignore evil or fight it, yet either action leads to undesirable results.

The way out of this dilemma is to rise above duality and embrace the unified vision of the Christ mind. This will empower you to see that there is an alternative way to deal with evil in which you neither ignore nor fight evil. The key to understanding this is my statement. “Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16). I explain the importance of this statement elsewhere, and I recommend you study my explanation.

Thought 2
Two people enter a dark room. One says, “I don’t want to reinforce the darkness, so I will close my eyes that I shall not see the darkness.” The other person acknowledges that the room is dark, fumbles around until he finds the light switch and flips the switch. Who was most effective in removing the darkness?

Thought 3
While it is true that you reinforce what you focus your attention upon, it is possible to acknowledge the existence of evil without focusing your attention on it. Think about the fact that you daily take measures to avoid a bacterial infection, yet you do this without giving undue attention to the bacteria.

Some people become obsessed with cleanliness and wash their hands numerous times a day or clean the house fanatically. This becomes so all-consuming that they cannot function normally. Yet most people find a healthy balance, where they protect themselves from harmful bacteria without really giving it much attention. You can do the same with evil. Yet if you ignore the existence of harmful bacteria, they are likely to kill you.

Once can also say that if you focus on evil with – even an unconscious – fear, you will reinforce it. But if you focus on evil with unconditional love (fear springs from conditions), you will not reinforce it.

Thought 4
A doctor is not reinforcing a disease by acknowledging its existence and seeking to find a cure. The doctor is not seeing the disease as incurable. He is seeking to understand the cause of the disease so he can eradicate it. As I said, the basis for the existence of evil is ignorance. So it follows that the key to eradicating evil is knowledge and understanding. The first step toward removing any problem is to acknowledge that the problem exists. The next step is to understand the cause of the problem, so you can remove that cause.

Knowledge gives you power over a problem, and an understanding of evil allows you to protect yourself from its influence without being pulled into its self-destructive spiral. You cannot attain this knowledge by ignoring the existence of evil. In medicine, the first step toward a cure is to diagnose the disease.

You cannot be harmless as a dove unless you are wise as a serpent. Of course, it is important to avoid letting your knowledge of evil release negative emotions, such as fear, anger or hatred. So one might say that being harmless as a dove means that you avoid all negative feelings. This allows you to acknowledge the existence of evil without feeding it energy. You are coming from love, and love that is truly unconditional – the perfet love that casts out fear – will not feed evil, for evil cannot absorb its high vibrations. It is only when love has been perverted through conditions that the lower vibrations can feed evil.

Thought 5
When I say that you need to acknowledge the existence of evil, I am not saying that you should see it as unavoidable or permanent. On the contrary, when you truly understand evil, you see that it is only a temporary phenomenon. It is simply an imperfect image – created in the minds of self-conscious beings – that is being projected unto the screen of life. And behind the temporary appearance is the pure light of God, the Ma-ter light. This is what is being explained by both the Presence of Oneness and the Presence of Infinite Light.

When you understand this, you can acknowledge that imperfections exist without giving them power. You simply see them as temporary and illusory phenomena. Thereby, you can formulate a more perfect vision and use your attention to project that vision unto the screen of life. Yet until you acknowledge that some appearances are imperfect, you will not be able to purify your vision of these images. There are many imperfections on this planet that remain simply because people don’t see them as imperfect and temporary. They see them as normal, natural or unavoidable.

Thought 6
The basic law of this universe is the Law of Free will. So evil continues to exist on Earth because of choices made by human beings. Therefore, the key to removing evil is to enlighten people so they can choose to leave behind the consciousness of evil, the consciousness of duality.

That is why one person cannot make the most efficient contribution to the removal of evil by ignoring it. You must begin by raising yourself out of the consciousness of duality that makes you vulnerable to evil. And then you can work to help other people do the same. Only when a critical mass of people rise above the consciousness that created a particular form of evil, will that imperfection be eradicated. So you are right that withdrawing all attention from a particular imperfection will work only when a critical mass of people join forces. And to reach that critical mass, you must enlighten people to the existence of imperfections and give them a more perfect vision. Again, you must replace ignorance with understanding, blindness with vision.

Thought 7
It is not necessary that every person on Earth rise above a certain form of evil before that evil can be eradicated. As I said, everything revolves around free will. Archangel Michael has the power to remove all evil on Earth in the blink of an eye. Yet he cannot use his power as long as people choose to remain entangled with the consciousness of evil. This is explained in my parable about the tares and the wheat (Matthew 13:24).

For God to remove evil, people must authorize this by coming apart from the consciousness of evil. When a critical mass of people do this, Archangel Michael can then use his power. One might say that until you reach Christ consciousness, you should never attempt to fight evil directly because you are likely to become entangled with it. Yet you can give Archangel Michael and the Ascended Host the authority to fight evil on your behalf. That is precisely what you do when you give a rosary where you consciously affirm that you separate yourself out from the consciousness of evil.

The important point is that you do not give a rosary with a fear of evil or anger against evil. You give a rosary with love, and you see the imperfections you name as temporary and transient. You might notice that all of the rosaries and invocations on this website contain positive affirmations that make it very difficult to give them with negative feelings. These are safeguards designed to assist people in rising above negative feelings so they do not reinforce the imperfections named in the rosaries. Obviously, no safeguards can override people’s free will. Yet if people continue to give the rosaries, the affirmations will gradually help people overcome their negativity.

Thought 8
You are right that in calling for the purification of the armed forces or health care, you are affirming conditions that will not necessarily exist when the kingdom of God is manifest on Earth. Yet the problem is that the Earth is currently so far from the kingdom of God that it would be impossible to manifest the kingdom in one great leap. You simply have to take a gradual approach.

It is not Mother Mary’s intention that her present rosaries will remain unchanged for a long period of time. She hopes that a critical mass of people will use the rosaries to remove the imperfections described in the rosaries. And as this happens, she will release updated versions of the rosaries.

When you have been working with humankind for a long time, you tend to become a practical realist. You realize that you have to start at people’s present level of consciousness and then take small steps from there. So your vision of a society with no armed forces or health care is not unrealistic, you simply have to realize that before we get there, we have to go through some intermediate stages. And this will require us to start by refining the existing armed forces and health care systems. Only by doing so can we promote the peace and good health that will allow us to transcend the need for armies of soldiers and doctors.

Thought 9
You are correct that many people have different visions of the kingdom of God. As people manifest Christ consciousness, they will not all end up with the same vision, for there is room for much diversity in the kingdom of God. What will happen is that people’s visions will gradually come into alignment with the laws of God. This will allow different groups of people to manifest different visions without coming into conflict with one another.

In other words, Christ consciousness does not create harmony by eradicating diversity and creating sameness. It creates harmony by empowering people to see that they all came from the same source, and therefore they can respect each other’s individuality instead of being threatened by differences.

For example, it is not the intention of the Ascended Host to replace all religions with one faith. It is our intention to help people see the universal spiritual path behind all religions. This will help people see that all true spiritual seekers are walking toward the same goal, they are simply following different paths to get to that goal. And this recognition will bring peace to Earth and good will toward men without eradicating individuality or stifling creative expression.


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