Do the three higher octaves resemble the earth?

Question: Could you tell us more about what the emotional, mental and identity octaves are like? Do these three octaves resemble the earth? What would a typical experience there be like when a soul leaves embodiment? Are people at a much higher level of awareness than when they were in embodiment on earth? Do they interact with spiritual beings or ascended masters while they wait until their next embodiment? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

I know, my beloved, that there are many ideas and theories and images that have been put out there, that there are parallel realms where you have structures that are similar to what you see on earth. But you need to recognize that people have always had this tendency, after they fell into duality, to look at what they see around them and then project that it is like that in other realms. This is why you see so often, as you can see clearly in the Old Testament, that people have taken human qualities and projected them onto God, and therefore created an angry and vengeful god.

There are, naturally, iIn the emotional realm, there is a lower realm that we have called the astral realm which is also what some people have seen as visions of hell, so in this realm there are structures that are much, much lower and very distorted compared to what you see on earth. And there are beings who have become stuck there and they simply cannot move out of there, because they are so trapped in these matrices. But you should not still believe that this is like what you see on earth.

There are certainly many differences and, generally speaking, we are not encouraging you, while you are in the physical embodiment, to spend too much time or attention worrying about what it is like in the other realms. It is more important that you focus on life here on earth and that you focus on tuning in to the ascended realm and your I AM Presence, rather than the emotional realm, the mental realm or even the identity realm. Naturally, we of the ascended masters have retreats at the higher identity realm that you can attempt to tune in to. But it is not constructive for most people to tune in to the other three realms. Instead, focus on reaching the lower identity realm and the spiritual realm.


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