Do mental patients reincarnate with mental illness?

TOPICS: Suicides generally go back into embodiment quickly – individual evaluation always takes place – can come back without the same mental illness – how to make calls for people with mental illness – invoke protection when you are around mental patients – 

Question: Concerning mental patients who are committing suicide, I have a question, most of them are doing this because they can’t stand the voices who are going on day after day without end, and some can’t resist the energy anymore and have no discrimination whether it is real or not. I once heard that when a person commits suicide the lifestream has to reembody immediately. Is this a rule without any exception, looking at people who are in a mental hospital or does God look at each case individually? When a mental patient dies, does it mean that in the next life the person comes again as a mental patient (I base this on the fact that when a person dies the consciousness does not change), or is the mercy there that the person can have a “normal” life.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is a general rule that when a person commits suicide, that person will come back into embodiment at the first possible opportunity. Yet there is no rule without exception, and the spiritual teachers of a lifestream will indeed make an individual evaluation of the lifestream’s state of consciousness and what would give that lifestream the best opportunity for growth.

It is true that a person will come back into embodiment with much of the same state of consciousness that the person had at the end of its past lifetime. However, there are several factors that have a bearing on this process. In some cases a lifestream can live a very difficult lifetime and at the end of that lifetime, or as it evaluates that lifetime in the spiritual realm along with its spiritual teachers, the lifestream finally has the intuitive breakthrough that enables it to learn the lesson it needed to learn. In that case, the lifestream might actually be free from the psychological blocks that were being outplayed in its last lifetime, and therefore it will come back at a higher level.

It is also possible that a lifestream has had enough of repeating the same negative patterns and cries out for help. It will therefore receive assistance to come up higher. In other words, it is quite possible that a lifestream will come back into embodiment without having the same psychological problems.

Another factor that influences this process is that a mental illness is not exclusively caused by conditions in the lifestream. A lifestream might be predisposed to have mental problems, but it can be hereditary factors, such as body chemistry, or environmental influences, including possession by dark forces, that actually bring these problems to the acute state that puts the person in a mental institution. It is therefore possible that such a lifestream can come back into its next lifetime without having the same difficult body chemistry or the same environmental factors.

I commend you for feeling compassion for the lifestreams who are greatly burdened by such severe psychological disorders. I can assure you that we of the ascended masters share your compassion, and I hope you can now see that there are many ways whereby a lifestream can avoid repeating the same patterns from lifetime to lifetime.

If you know a specific person that you want to help spiritually, you might consider giving prayers and decrees, such as the call to Archangel Michael, the Violet Flame and Mother Mary’s rosaries, to help that person heal from the psychological problems. Psychological problems are always caused by fragmentation or division of the lifestream, as explained elsewhere. Therefore, Mother Mary’s East-West invocation can be an effective tool that returns lost lifestream parts. Yet many of the other invocations for healing the psyche are also very effective.

Let me finally say that for anyone who is around mental patients it is extremely important to be diligent in invoking your spiritual protection. Mental patients often have big holes in their energy fields that make them open to dark forces. It is indeed such forces that cause these people to hear voices or to be unable to distinguish what is real and unreal. It is quite possible that such forces can attack you if you are around mentally ill people without sufficient spiritual protection. Therefore, if you are around such people, be diligent in invoking your spiritual protection and be diligent in seeking to resolve any imbalances in your psychology that could make you vulnerable to the dark forces that often posses mental patients.


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