Do human atrocities break God’s heart?

TOPICS: God has not created current conditions; they are the result of misuse of free will – the Creator does not see these conditions – ascended masters do not have human feelings – their hearts cannot break because they know there is no irretrievable loss – appearances on earth are temporary – masters concerned with helping us move on from any condition – the masters offer us unconditional love as ultimate healing agent – forgiveness is the key to freedom – victims often find it hard to forgive – perpetrators find it hard to forgive themselves – karmic spirals can be dissolved only through unconditional love – you are forgiven when you accept forgiveness –

Question: Some years ago, when the school children in Dunblane, Scotland were brutally murdered, I heard someone say, “What did God do to prevent this?” and someone else replied, “God’s heart was the first to break.” Is that statement true? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The statement that God’s heart was the first to break is simply not true. I know this can sound harsh, so let me explain. First of all, as I explain throughout this website, God has not created the suffering you see on earth. This suffering was created by human beings because they have misused their free will and have fallen into a dualistic state of consciousness. Because God respects his Law of Free Will, he has allowed this to happen. And although such atrocities are completely out of alignment with God’s will and God’s intention for this planet, God must simply wait until human beings make the choice to stop creating the conditions that lead to such suffering.

When you think about God in the highest sense, the Creator simply does not see the imperfect conditions on planet earth. As the Bible says, God is not mocked [Galatians 6:7] and his eyes cannot look on iniquity [Habakkuk 1:13]. However, the representatives of God, namely we who are the ascended masters, do indeed see all conditions that occur on planet earth.

Please try to understand that when you become an ascended masters, you leave behind the human ego and the dualistic mind. Therefore, you also leave behind the lower, dualistic and self-centered feelings that spring from these aspects of the lower mind. I am not hereby saying that ascended masters do not have feelings. What I am saying is that the feelings of ascended masters are different from the feelings of human beings. Therefore, the heart of an ascended masters simply cannot break. We could not feel the sense of irretrievable loss that human beings feel and which causes their heart to feel like it is breaking. This is because when you are an ascended master, you know that there really is no irretrievable loss.

You know that behind the outer appearances that happen on earth is the infinite reality of God. The things on earth seem real, but they are not ultimately real and they are not permanent. They are simply temporary manifestations that the collective consciousness of humankind has projected onto the screen of life. If you change the filmstrip in the projector (people’s minds), you will change the appearances on the screen.

I hope you can see that we of the ascended masters have the task of helping all human beings grow to a higher state of consciousness. The most important aspect of being a spiritual teacher is that you never, ever affirm an imperfect condition as real or permanent. So when we look upon a calamity that happens on earth, we realize that it is happening but we also affirm that it is not ultimately real and not permanent.

Therefore, our first and foremost concern is to help people leave behind the imperfect condition and move closer to God’s perfection, meaning the perfection of the Christ consciousness. We could never allow ourselves to feel sympathy for human beings, because sympathy simply magnifies the imperfect feelings. We do, however, feel empathy and compassion in the sense that we realize that people are going through suffering. However, we also realize that no matter how difficult conditions seem, people have the potential to rise above them.

Furthermore, we are constantly anchored in the unconditional love of God, and therefore we experience the living, breathing reality that the unconditional love of God has the potential to consume all imperfect conditions and all imperfect feelings on earth. We are constantly offering people that unconditional love. We are constantly seeking to serve as an open door, as a bridge over which the unconditional love can flow into the hearts and minds of human beings.

Therefore, I hope you can understand that we do not look at such atrocities the same way people look at them. This does not mean that we are insensitive or that we want such events to happen. It means that we have a higher form of sensitivity which allows us to always feel unconditional love. Therefore, we constantly seek to reach out to every person to help that person rise higher in consciousness.

So when an event happens, such as a terrorist attack, we of the ascended masters do not judge people the way human beings do. In other words, we are equally concerned about helping both the victims and the terrorists rise to a higher state of consciousness. Unfortunately, both sides in such an event will often reject our assistance.

The victims of a terrorist attack will often feel anger against God because they ask the question of how God could let this happen. They are not willing to even consider that they themselves could have co-created the conditions that caused the event to happen. Therefore, they are not able to open their hearts to the unconditional love and forgiveness that we are ready to pour into their minds at any time. As a result, people often get stuck in negative feelings that prevent them from moving on spiritually. If only they would open their minds and hearts, we would flood them with such unconditional love that they would immediately be able to forgive and move on.

You see, forgiveness is the key to spiritual freedom. As long as you are holding grudges against any form of life or against God, you simply cannot be free of the past and move on. You simply cannot move away from earth and enter the kingdom of heaven—in which there can be no non-forgiveness or other negative feelings. Only when you completely forgive yourself, other people and God will you be free to move higher in consciousness.

So by not forgiving, you are hurting yourself. This is what many people don’t understand, and that is why they cannot follow my command to forgive seventy times seven. Consider how I told people to love their enemies. I said that if you love those who love you, what is your reward? Anybody can do that. If you are sincere about walking the spiritual path, you must learn to love those who hate you and forgive those who harm you.

I fully understand that the families of victims feel deeply grieved by atrocities and the loss of their loved ones. Yet once an event has happened, no amount of grief and other negative feelings can turn back the clock. However, negative feelings will always hold back your spiritual growth. So if you really want spiritual growth, the most important thing for you is to leave the negative feelings behind and come up higher in consciousness.

Unfortunately, many victims of atrocities are not willing to come up higher; they want to remain in the negative feelings of anger, blame, sorrow or self pity. Obviously, this is their choice but as ascended masters we cannot allow ourselves to feel sympathy for people making that choice. We can feel compassion and we can feel understanding for the fact that it is difficult for many people to let go. Nevertheless, how easy is it to feel compassion for a person who clings to a penny when there is someone standing next to him offering him a million dollars for the taking? How easy is it for us to feel compassion for those to hold on to a penny’s worth of human sorrow when we are ready to offer them a million dollars of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness?

Of course, the terrorists themselves also find it difficult to accept forgiveness and move higher. They are often so concerned about maintaining the illusion that the terrorist acts were right and justified in the eyes of God that they cannot even accept that they need forgiveness. And if you cannot ask for forgiveness, how could you possibly accept that forgiveness? The unfortunate effect of this unwillingness on both sides of a conflict to accept God’s unconditional forgiveness is that the two sides create a karmic spiral with each other. That can continue for generations and centuries. In fact, the terrorist act in Madrid was very much the result of a karmic spiral created between Muslims and the Spanish people as a result of the Muslim occupation of Spain and the Crusades.

We of the ascended masters would love nothing more than to see such karmic spirals be dissolved and consumed by the unconditional love of God. Yet for that to happen, a critical mass of people on both sides of a karmic spiral must accept God’s unconditional love and allow it to flow through their hearts to consume the ancient records and negative feelings.

God’s unconditional love rains upon the just and unjust. If you can fully accept God’s forgiveness right now for any mistake you have ever made, then you will be instantly forgiven. There would still be an amount of misqualified energy, or karma, that needed to be consumed. Yet the forgiveness itself would be as instantaneous as your own acceptance of that forgiveness. This is the fact that most people find it impossible to accept and that is why they keep making more karma instead of leaving all human imperfections behind them.


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