Discernment and the dualistic mind

TOPICS: No automatic or final solution – you will always have to exercise discernment – no final expression of truth – always a deeper understanding – growth is ongoing – use your current religion as foundation but seek deeper understanding – go beyond mainstream teachings – ego wants you to close your mind –

Question: How can the power of discernment be activated during a time when the dualistic mind always interferes?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

How can you activate the power of discernment, when the dualistic mind interferes? There are many tools that can help you do this, and some are described on our toolbox website.  Let me mention a few that are not described elsewhere.

It can be very helpful for you to begin by adopting a certain world view, a certain approach to life. As part of this approach, I encourage you to acknowledge the simple fact that as long as you are in this material universe, you will always have remnants of the lower consciousness or the dualistic mind. Therefore, you should let go of the immature idea that there is some automatic or final solution whereby you will be permanently free of the need to discern between right and wrong. As long as this universe is in an imperfect state, you will need to exercise discernment even after you attain a high degree of Christhood.

It will also be helpful to a acknowledge the fact that in the material universe there is no such thing as an absolute or final expression of truth. Therefore, give up the idea that you need to find an absolute or unquestionable belief system or doctrine. Instead, acknowledge the fact that you are following a path whereby you will gain successively deeper insights into the true nature of life and God. I can assure you that while you are in this universe, you can always find a deeper understanding of truth. I can give you this assurance, because even I do to not claim to have attained the full understanding of God and of God’s truth.

So many people have the image that they are lost and that they need to find some outer thing that will save them. Therefore, once they have found that outer thing, which they often see as a particular belief system or religion, they think their search is over.

What I am encouraging you to realize is that growth is ongoing, and it will never come to a halt in this universe. Therefore, always continue to seek for a deeper understanding than what you currently have. Do not seek the ultimate or absolute understanding. Seek the understanding that will help you take the next step on your personal path. After you take that step, you will be ready to attain an even higher understanding.

After you adopt this new approach to life, make a sincere effort to put on personal Christhood, as described on my website. I understand that this process can seem overwhelming or confusing in the beginning. Therefore, I suggest that you use a particular belief system as the foundation for your search. For example, if you are currently a Christian, use the Christian scriptures as your lodestone or guiding rod. However, instead of seeing the scriptures as absolute and instead of holding on to a literal or fundamentalist interpretation of the scriptures, allow your higher self to give you a deeper understanding of the meaning of the scriptures.

In other words, I am not suggesting that you throw yourself into an identity crisis and throw away everything that you have so far believed in. I am suggesting that you open your mind to a deeper understanding of your current belief system and then use that as a foundation for your continued, never-ending growth in understanding.

As you keep growing in understanding, be aware that you might benefit from studying spiritual teachings that are not part of your current belief system. If you feel an inner prompting to do so, dare to follow that prompting and do not close your mind to this inner direction. For example, you might acknowledge that throughout the centuries there have been a number of Christian mystics. Dare to study some of their writings.

Be aware that the primary weapon of the dualistic mind is to somehow, often through fear and doubt, make you cling to your current beliefs. It is the dualistic mind that wants to keep you in a mental prison, where there is no growth. Your higher mind and your spiritual teachers, including myself, always want you to move on to a deeper understanding of life.

It is all a matter of which way you decide to follow. Will you follow the way that seems right onto a human, the way of attachment, fear and a closed mind. The way that causes people to think that the road to salvation goes through an outer organization or doctrine. Or will you follow the true way, the way of an ever increasing understanding through personal Christhood.


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