Different ways to worship, depending on the level of consciousness

TOPICS: We are brought up to see Jesus above us, not as a friend – give your fears and idolatry to Jesus – different levels of consciousness worship in different ways – from a fear-based to a love-based approach to God – some need stability and certainty – fear-based forms of worship – the remote God – love-based forms of worship – God needs nothing from us; wants to give to us – Jesus taught a love-based approach to God – worship to come closer to God – form of worship not as important as state of consciousness – don’t make a spectacle of worship – do not worship ascended masters – ultimate “worship” is oneness, gnosis –

Question: Dear Master Jesus: Please forgive me for continually bothering you with so many questions, it is just that I trust you to tell me the truth, and I do so want to know truth so that I can please God by seeking my higher self and my Christ consciousness.

My question is, since we aren’t to look on you as an actual idol like the orthodox Christian church has made you out to be, is it correct to worship you by saying things like “Praise Jesus” when also saying Praise God, since you, in true actuality, are a son of God not THE son of God, but a son of God who has achieved the Christ consciousness.
If the answer is yes, that it’s appropriate to praise you, then by the same token, should we also praise Mother Mary, Saint Germain, and what about your lifestream mate, Mary Magdalene, and any others; in other words who exactly should we be praising in church, our prayers, quiet time with you, and devotion time, etc?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

My beloved heart, there is nothing to forgive, and indeed there is no reason to ask for forgiveness. If I was bothered by people’s questions, why would I have set up this website? I am a spiritual teacher, and I will never be bothered by questions that spring from a pure heart and a sincere desire to know.

I am asking you to consider that there is a reason you fear that you could bother me with your questions. And that reason is that you have been brought up to see me as an idol who is so far above and beyond you that you cannot approach me and relate to me as you relate to a good friend. One of my desires for my website is to help people overcome not only the idolatry but also the sense that I am so far above and beyond them that they cannot relate to me.

Therefore, I am asking whether you are willing to let go of this sense of idolatry or distance between you and I? If you are willing to let go, please take a few moments to center in your heart and visualize that you take your fears, your sense of separation from me and your idolatry of me and cram them into a small ball. Then visualize that I am standing in front of you and my sacred Heart is a blazing fire that consumes all unlike itself. Now decide that you are willing to give up this ball of imperfect thoughts and feelings, and then toss the ball into the flame of my heart, where it will be instantly consumed.

Incidentally, you can use this visualization to get rid of all negative thoughts and feelings. The key is that you must be ready and willing to let go of them, or the fire of my sacred heart cannot consume them.

Concerning worship, let me say that this question does not have a simple or single answer. It would be helpful for you to read my discourse on the levels of spiritual development. You will see that there are different levels of consciousness and each level is based on a certain view of God. Therefore, people at that level of consciousness face a particular challenge in terms of working out their relationship to God. This has a profound impact on how people can or should worship. If you look at the levels of development, you will see that at every level people are working on resolving their relationship to God. However, if you step back and look at the big picture, you will see that what is truly happening is that people are moving away from having their relationship to God dominated by fear and moving toward having a relationship to God that is based on love.

The lowest level of spiritual development is represented by people whose relationship to God is entirely based on fear and separation. As you move higher, you move into stages of consciousness at which people’s relationship to God becomes increasingly the product of love. The importance here is that while people are trapped at the lower levels of spiritual awareness, they simply will not be able to worship God in a way that is based on love. Therefore, they will gravitate toward forms of worship that are based on fear.

For example, for some wounded lifestreams it can be necessary to spend some time in a traditional form of worship, even though it is based on fear. The reason being that such lifestreams have a need for stability in order to heal their wounds. That is why some orthodox or fundamentalist Christians cling to their religion with such tenacity. These lifestreams have such a strong need for outer security, that they cannot yet move into a more love-based form of worship. However, I must also say that there are many lifestreams who are ready to move on from a fundamentalist religion but have not yet consciously recognized that they no longer belong in such a religion. Many such lifestreams are severely limiting their spiritual progress by holding on to a fear-based form of worship.

When you fear God, you see God as being separated from yourself. Therefore, you see God as being above and beyond you, like one of the earthly kings or emperors that you have seen either personally or in history. In reality, most earthly rulers have been fear-based individuals, and that is why they attempted to set themselves up with absolute power that allowed them to rule the population through fear. Many secular rulers have based their power on military might and the threat that they would kill people who did not obey them. Many religious rulers have based their power on the fear of God and the threat that those who did not obey would burn forever in hell. Sadly, this even applies to the Christian religion, which claims to represent me on earth. Yet did I not say to love God with all your heart mind and lifestream [Mark 12:30]? And so how can you love God if you fear God and want everyone else to fear you?

So you see that many, if not most, of the forms of worship known on this planet are based on fear. They portray God as being some remote deity which has a need to be praised and worshiped by human beings. This, of course, is a misunderstanding of God’s nature and being, and this misunderstanding springs from the sense of separation from God. Because of this sense of separation, you lose contact with the reality of God and you begin to build a false image of God, an idol which is based on the relativity of the dualistic mind.

As you move out of fear, your relationship to God begins to be anchored in love. As you begin to love God, you realize that God is a completely self-sufficient, self-contained being. Therefore, God has no human needs and God certainly has no need to be praised or worshiped by human beings. How could an all-powerful God, who created an immensely vast universe, possibly have the need to be worshiped by human beings living on a planet that is like a speck of dust in infinity? I am not saying this to in any way degrade human beings. I am saying it to give a certain sense of co-measurement that God has absolutely no need to be worshiped. God is all, and therefore God is complete in and of itself.

However, God has a desire to experience his creation through human beings and God has a desire to create certain parts of creation through you—by you becoming the co-creator with God that you were created to be. However, for this to happen you need to move out of the fear-based sense of separation from God and into a love-based sense of being a worthy son or daughter of God.

If you read between the lines in the New Testament, you will see that I did indeed come to bring a love-based approach to religion as a replacement for the fear-based approach of the Jews. This is explained in the book The Secret Coming of Christ. If you were to take a look a church history, you would see that orthodox Christianity has indeed obscured and perverted this love-based approach and turned Christianity into a fear-based religion.

So the real issue here is whether your worship of God brings you closer to union with God or cements you in the sense of separation from God? One might say you do not worship God for God’s sake; you worship God for your own sake. You are not worshiping God because God has a need to be worshiped; your are worshiping because by doing so correctly you overcome all sense of separation from God and come closer to God. However for this to happen your worship must be love-based instead of fear-based.

If you follow this line of reasoning, you will see that the outer form of worship is not nearly as important as the effect it has on the person. In other words, if a particular form of worship opens your heart and brings you closer to God, or to an Ascended being such as myself, then that form of worship has a positive effect on you. On the other hand, another person might engage in the same form of worship and it will either be a rote repetition or it will cement the person in the idolatrous sense of being separated from God and being afraid of God.

What I am saying here is that I am not overly concerned about the outer form of worship. The real question is, “Does it open your heart to God or close your heart to God?” There are indeed some Christians who go to church every Sunday and engage in various forms of worship that truly spring from a fear-based approach to religion. Yet these people engage in it with such pure devotion that it opens their hearts to the love of God or to my love. If people worship with an open heart that allows God’s love or my love to flow through them, then that is an appropriate form of worship. Yet if people come to church with fear or resentment toward God or toward me and say the exact same words, then that form of worship will do nothing for them. Therefore, it would be better for them either to refrain from all worship or to find another form of worship.

That being said, I truly would prefer that all people would leave behind the many forms of worship that spring from a fear-based approach to religion and engage in forms of worship that are based on love and have been designed from the beginning to bring them closer to God by opening their hearts to God.

As just one example, the phrases “Praise God” or “Praise Jesus” represent a fear-based form of worship. Neither God nor I have any need to be praised. A much more appropriate form of worship would be to say “Thank you God” or “Thank you Jesus” and thereby pour out your heart’s gratitude for the opportunity for growth that life truly is. You could also say “Love be to God” or “Love be to Jesus” and then envision that you send us love. Even better would be to say “I accept God” or “I welcome Jesus into my being.” In fact, I would much prefer that people said “Welcome Jesus” or “Jesus, I accept you into my being” or “Jesus, I accept your unconditional love for me and I accept that I am worthy of your love.” There is an almost infinite number of such statements that could be made, statements that would affirm love and union with God or with me.

I do not want to put limitations on how people should worship, and I have no desire to give a formal set of statements for worship because it is so easy for people to turn them into an exclusivist doctrine. Therefore, I would like to leave it up to people to find or define the kind of statements that help them open their hearts to God. People should also be open to the fact that as they grow on the path, they will find new ways to express their love for God.

Let me also say that if you will read the New Testament honestly, you will see that I often chastised those who made a spectacle out of their worship, those who prayed in public and wanted others to admire them for being so devoted to God. What really matters is that your form of worship opens your heart to God, and how can you open your heart to God if you are concerned about how you are perceived by your fellow men? You open your heart to God by directing your attention inward and putting your attention on God instead of the things of this world. So truly, the best form of worship is a private form of worship that gives you a sense of being connected to God or connected to me.

I would therefore recommend the Christhood affirmations given in the book The Christ Is Born in You or the exercise for inner attunement. Also, the decrees given on our website and most especially the rosaries and invocations by my beloved mother are truly efficient forms of worship in terms of opening your heart to God.

You ask if it is appropriate to worship me or other other ascended masters. In reality, we have no need to be worshiped, and it is not appropriate to worship us the same way you worship God. This is truly the reason for my statement, “And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? [there is] none good but one, [that is], God.” [Mark 10:18]. Many Christians, by worshiping me from a fear-based state of consciousness and with a sense of separation from me and from God, are actually engaging in idol worship. However, as I said earlier, some people can say “Praise Jesus” with such an open and pure heart that it is not idolatry.

So the essence here is that the true purpose of worship is to establish a connection between you and God or an ascended master. There is no competition in heaven, and therefore it is fully appropriate to seek to establish a connection between yourself and any ascended master who is close to your heart. For example, many people have been so disappointed or wounded by orthodox Christianity that they will find it easier to open their hearts to another ascended master than myself. This is perfectly acceptable to me, and people should not feel any kind of misguided loyalty or sense of obligation toward me.

Many people have, in past lives, established a very strong heart tie to a particular ascended master other than myself. For example, many Catholics have a strong heart tie to Mother Mary. Likewise, many people embodied in today’s age have a strong tie to Saint Germain, and they embodied at this time precisely to help bring in his Golden Age of Aquarius. There are also other ascended masters who have sent their best students into embodiment at this time to help facilitate the crucial changes that are meant to occur in this age.

So once again, the outer form of worship is insignificant compared to the inner result of opening your heart and establishing a true connection between yourself and the object of worship. The ultimate form of worship is union with, oneness with, the object of worship. This can be seen when you understand that the original sin is a sense of separation from God.

The only way to be completely free of sin is to overcome the sense a separation from God. And the only way to overcome the sense of separation is to remove the distance between yourself and God. Because God is all and in all, there never was any real separation or distance between you and God. There was only an illusion of separation, and that illusion exists only in your mind. Remember my statement, “Ye are Gods.” The ultimate way to worship God in this world is to BE God in this world.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels