Different types of messengers

TOPICS: Messengers for ascended masters – how the messenger’s consciousness can color the message – ascended masters do not use trance mediums – masters multiply what is in the messenger’s consciousness – channelers without Christ discernment – benign and malevolent spirits – channeling serpentine beings – mixing truth with subtle serpentine logic – channelers with hit and miss attunement – avoid becoming defensive and acknowledge errors – sharpen discernment –

Question: I would first of all like to thank you for all the wonderful answers you have provided on your website. My spiritual path began about three years ago, in which time I have shed my old Catholic belief and sought spiritual truth, I have studied under several different modalities and teachers. Most of which has been in total alignment with what you have stated on this website. However, one also comes across a lot of channeled material that contradicts what you say here or contradicts other teachings. What is a spiritual seeker to do to sort out this confusing? Should one avoid all channeled material or can one still benefit from studying books that contain a mixture of good and not-so-good ideas?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

An excellent question. To explain this in the detail it deserves, let me explain that there are three basic ways to be a messenger for beings outside the material universe, let us call them non-material beings.

Some people are able to consistently raise their consciousness to the level of the Christ self, and these people become messengers for the ascended masters. If they maintain their level of dedication, awareness and spiritual protection, they can maintain that level of messengership for a lifetime. Others are able to maintain it for a period of time and then stop serving as messengers.

When you do attain genuine contact with the ascended masters, you will bring forth teachings that come from us and are not influenced by any lower beings. In other words, all of the messages you get originate from the spiritual realm and the ascended masters.

This does not necessarily mean that your messages represent an absolute or infallible truth. As I explain in the book Save Yourself,  it is quite possible that you can have a valid spiritual vision, or in this case receive a valid spiritual message, yet that message will be somewhat colored by the contents of your own consciousness. In other words, you can receive a pure message from the ascended masters, but by the time it reaches your conscious mind, whether is is expressed through the spoken word or writing, it has taken on some coloring from the contents of your consciousness. This can especially happen for people who have received some gift of the Holy Spirit yet still hold on to certain outer religious doctrines or dogmas.

What I am saying here is that it is possible to be a valid messenger and to always have contact with the ascended masters, yet to bring forth messages that do not necessarily represent the highest possible understanding of the topic at hand. Or your messages might not be the only way to describe that topic because the description you receive is adapted to (or is an expression of) your level of consciousness. If a person holds on to strong beliefs, then that messenger cannot be used to bring forth a message which contradicts or goes too far beyond those beliefs.

Another important consideration is that no matter what some people claim, a message from the ascended masters is always delivered through the vehicle of the messenger’s consciousness. This is a topic that has caused much confusion among people who are open to progressive revelation. There are people who serve as messengers yet believe that when they act in the capacity of a messenger, their consciousness does not influence the message.

Let me make a clear statement here. Some people function as trance channels, and they have allowed an outside entity to take over their consciousness and being. In that case, the entity can speak through the person without going through the filter of the person’s consciousness. The important fact here is that the ascended masters will not take over someone’s consciousness. We will not violate the Law of Free Will, and therefore we will always speak through the consciousness of our messengers.

The principle that is in operation in the delivery of the Living Word from the ascended masters is illustrated in my parable about the talents and in my parables about sowing seeds and letting God provide the increase. In interactions between the ascended masters and human beings, we can only multiply what people bring to the altar of God. In other words, when we deliver the Living Word through a messenger, that living word will multiply only what is in the messenger’s consciousness.

The consequence is that if the messenger knows nothing about a particular topic, then that person cannot be used as a messenger to bring forth a discourse on that particular topic. For example, Kim does not have an extensive knowledge about medical topics. Therefore, I cannot use him to bring forth a detailed discourse about health and healing.

Now for the second category of messengers. Some people find it easy to turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to realms beyond the material world. Yet they do not have the ability to discern between the spiritual realm and lower realms. Some of these people have a great ambition to become a messenger or to manifest some kind of psychic phenomena. They attempt to take heaven by force, and in so doing they end up attuning their consciousness to a lower realm. In other words, they tune in to non-material beings that are not part of the ascended masters. They then become messengers for these forces and they never reach the ascended masters.

As I explain in my discourse on channeling, some of these forces are not necessarily malevolent spirits. Some of them actually have a certain level of spiritual attainment or understanding. However, there is a reason such beings have not ascended to the spiritual realm, namely that they have not attained the ultimate understanding of God’s law.

What I am saying here is that these beings might indeed bring forth spiritual teachings that are true and valid, and this is a point that has confused many seekers. When you read the teachings brought forth from such a being, you can easily be persuaded that the teachings are valid and therefore the being must be a member of the ascended masters or even God himself. However, in many cases there will be subtle errors mixed in with the true teachings.

Another possibility is that people tune their consciousness to spirits that are definitely malevolent. There is an entire class of such spirits that belong to what we might call the deceivers. These are the beings who were cast out of heaven because they rebelled against God’s law and God’s purpose for creation. Their rebellion was due to the fact that they had become trapped in a certain type of logic that simply was not the true logic of the Christ consciousness. It was exactly this kind of logic that persuaded Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. The serpent sowed the seed of doubt, making Eve (as a representative of the feminine aspect of every lifestream) feel that she would not truly die from eating the fruit. One might call this type of logic for serpentine logic.

Some people have indeed become messengers for the serpents. What you must understand is that these beings have a very sophisticated understanding of the laws of God and of the spiritual truth. They have simply twisted that understanding by using their serpentine logic. Therefore, when a person receives a message from these serpents, that message might contain a lot of truth and even a seemingly sophisticated understanding of spiritual concepts. Yet mixed in with the truth will be subtle errors that can lead the earnest seeker astray on the path.

This is what is referred to in the saying that there is a way that seems right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. The serpents do believe that they are following the right way, and they will be the last to see that their way leads to the death of the lifestream and not to the eternal life of the Christ consciousness.

It is important to understand that the goal of the serpentine forces is to lead astray the people who have the greatest potential to manifest Christ consciousness in their present lifetime. The serpentine forces are not too concerned about the many people who are not yet able to discern spiritual truth directly from within. Their main goal is to lead astray those who have attained a certain level of spiritual maturity and therefore have some inner discernment, but have not yet achieved the full discernment.

What often happens to such seekers is that they recognize truth in a book, and then they take the entire contents of the book to be the truth. Thereby, they ingest the lie along with the truth. You see, when you have attained a certain measure of Christ discernment, you cannot be fooled by a book that contains only lies and errors. The serpents know this and therefore they will skillfully mix truth and error. Some books might contain 80% truth, or even a higher percentage, yet mixed in are a few errors that can lead the seeker astray if these ideas are accepted uncritically.

Now for the final category of messengers. These are the people who have the ability to attune their consciousness to something beyond the material realm, yet they have not developed the full Christ discernment that allows them to know when they are tuning in to the spiritual realm and when they are tuning in to lower realms. These people are very sincere and in many cases they have only the best intentions. Yet their attunement is somewhat of a hit and miss.

Sometimes they will tune in to the spiritual realm and bring forth valid teachings. At other times they will tune in to a lower realm and they might receive messages either from benign beings or from serpentine impostors. The people themselves cannot tell the difference, and therefore it becomes difficult for readers of such teachings to tell the difference, especially if they uncritically accept that the messenger is always bringing forth the truth.

In summary, we are talking about three types of messengers:

  • Some messengers always get messages from the ascended masters.
  • Some messengers always get messages from lower forces.
  • Some messengers get messages from both sources but cannot tell the difference.

I realize this topic sounds complicated, but if you diligently strive for attunement with your Christ self, as explain throughout my website, LINK the confusion will gradually fade away and you will develop the ability to discern between true and false ideas, even in the same book.

As I explain elsewhere, you do not have to be perfect to become an instrument for the Living Word. It is a sad fact that over the centuries many people have developed the ability to receive visions or messages from the ascended masters and have then responded with a certain pride that makes them feel that their messages should always be perfect. Therefore, they become very reluctant to acknowledge any errors in their messages. Instead of simply accepting mistakes, learning from them and moving on, people become defensive and therefore bind themselves to a certain level of consciousness and a certain level of service. This is indeed sad because many people have thereby wasted their potential to bring forth true teachings from the ascended masters.

Part of the spiritual path is the development of this discernment between ideas that are true and ideas that are false. At the lower levels of the path, people are always looking for an outer teaching that is completely true. That is why you see so many Christians who cling to the Bible as the infallible word of God or who blindly believe that the Catholic Church is the only source of truth and always brings forth the absolute truth. When such people read a book that they accept as genuine, they will uncritically believe that any idea in the book must be the truth.

Going back to the three categories of messengers, you can easily see that the two last categories could bring forth books that have a mixture of true and false ideas. However, even a messenger who is always in contact with the ascended masters might bring forth a book that is not entirely perfect. As I said, the message can be colored by the consciousness of the messenger, and a message can even seem to affirm certain erroneous beliefs held by the messenger.

It is a fact that no book or teaching in the material realm will be 100% truth—including the teachings on this website. There is always the possibility of error, and the only way to detect those errors is to sharpen your discernment. Sharpening your attunement with your Christ self is indeed the main theme on this website, and I do give an important technique for making contact with your Christ self.

So what I am saying here is that as you grow on the path, you can indeed read a book that contains a mixture of truth and error, and you can take the valid ideas and leave the erroneous ideas behind without being affected by them.


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