Differences in the reactions people have to this website

TOPICS: People’s reactions to this website are similar to people’s reactions to Jesus 2,000 years ago – do people resonate with the ascended masters? – is the outer mind ready for a higher understanding? – some people are agitated by the light – some people’s outer minds are closed – some people are open to a higher truth – some people can go beyond the outer words – some people resonate with another ascended master – many people are spiritually dead and cannot accept Christ light – leaving none indifferent –

Question from Kim: Jesus, I have been meaning to ask you for some time about the tremendous differences in the reactions people have to this website. I mean, some instantly recognize your Presence while others think this is the work of the devil. Still others see some ideas they believe are true and some they cannot accept. Some even see one idea they don’t like and instantly use it to reject the entire site. What is the difference, why is there such a broad range of reactions? It doesn’t seem like this website leaves anyone indifferent—they all seem to have strong opinions about it?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The short answer is that people’s reactions depend on how they answer this question:

If your current beliefs about God, Jesus, the spiritual side of life and Christianity were incorrect or incomplete, would you want to know?

If the answer is a “Yes” – even a hesitant yes – people will have various degrees of positive reactions to this website. If the answer is a “No,” people will have various degrees of negative reactions because they will feel threatened by the mere existence of this website and by the teachings on it.

The more detailed answer is that the reactions you see to this website are exactly the same types of reactions people had to me when I walked the earth in the flesh 2,000 years ago. How could it be otherwise, given that I am the same Being? Most Christians have been brought up with the naive image that I walked around with a halo around my head and that people instantly recognized me as a spiritual master or as the Son of God. Yet the scriptures clearly demonstrate that this is far from being the case.

Most people did not recognize me as being anything beyond the ordinary, and they would not have paid any attention to me had they not seen or heard of the miracles God performed through me. Others clearly thought I was a false prophet or a false messiah and that my teachings – which contradicted their scriptures, or their literal interpretations of those scriptures – were the works of the devil. Back then, only a few people were able to recognize the truth in my teachings, and even fewer were able to recognize me as a spiritual master. Fortunately, in this age many more have ears to hear the truth in my teachings and have open senses to recognize my Presence.

What is it that determines a person’s reaction to this website? There are two factors involved. When a person opens this website, he or she immediately begins to interact with the spiritual energies of my Being, my Christ Light. The question is whether the person will notice this, and the deciding factor is resonance. Is there anything in the subconscious mind (what we might call the energy field) of that person which resonates with the energies of my being? You might recall my statement:

Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you (John 6:53).

The meaning is that unless you have a portion of the Christ consciousness in your energy field, you have no spiritual life in you. And if you do not have any Christ light in your being, there will be nothing that resonates with my Presence.

If a person has Christ light, there will be a resonance in the person’s subconscious mind, but the question is whether this subconscious reaction will penetrate to the conscious mind. The deciding factor is whether the person is open to statements that go beyond his or her current beliefs. Is the person willing to look for truth, or has he/she created a mental image of what truth should be? Is the person looking for a higher understanding, or is he/she only looking for statements that confirm the mental image, which the person has decided must be the absolute or only truth? If the person is seeking to force reality to fit into the box of his or her mental image, then this will block the conscious recognition of the inner resonance.

So the conscious reaction of any visitor will be determined by the interplay of these two factors. Although a number of scenarios are possible, here are the most common ones:

  • Some people simply do not have any truth in them, and thus they recognize neither my Presence nor any truth in my statements. You might recall one of my more direct statements: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him” (John 8:44). Some people have no truth in them because they have refused to absorb a portion of the Christ consciousness, even though I have offered it to every lifestream on this planet. For 2,000 years I have been the spiritual sun that God makes rise upon the evil and the good (Matthew 5:25), yet only those who have accepted my gift have absorbed a portion of my Christ Light. A person with no Christ light literally cannot recognize my vibration or any truth on this website. On the contrary, such a person will be agitated by my Light because it will be a strong contrast to his or her own darkness.
  • Some people have truth in them, and there is a subconscious resonance when they look at this website. Yet their minds are trapped in a mental box that is so closed that this inner reaction cannot penetrate to their conscious minds. Typical examples of this type of people were the scribes and the Pharisees, who were so stuck on their literal interpretation of the old scriptures that they could not recognize my Living Truth. You might recall my statement to Peter: “And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 16:17). The “flesh and blood” of your outer mind cannot recognize the Living Christ or the truth he brings. So only a higher source can give you this recognition, and it comes in the form of the inner resonance. Yet if your mind is closed, you will not be able to hear or accept the inner prompting. So the more closed a person’s outer mind is, the less likely the person is to recognize or accept any truth on this website. Some people are so stuck on a particular interpretation of the Bible that if I say anything that contradicts their interpretation, they immediately reject the entire website. Of course, some people have used Christian doctrines to decide that I could not possibly be speaking to humankind in this age, so they reject the entire concept of the website. When such people find this website, my Light will instantly begin to challenge their assumptions, and the more attached they are to their present beliefs, the more agitated they will be. That is why some people become very angry when they find this website—just as the scribes and Pharisees did when they met me in the flesh.
  • Some people are more open-minded, and they will find some ideas they recognize as true and some that contradict their present beliefs. The question now is how attached they are to their present beliefs? Will they hold on to them, or will they allow me to guide them – through inner guidance – to a higher understanding? And, of course, as long as you are on earth, it is always possible for you to attain a higher understanding. Again, the question is whether you want truth or want confirmation of your current mental image?
  • Some people have overcome all or most of their attachments to their present beliefs and mental images. Such people will feel the resonance between their own inner light and my Presence. They will often recognize my Presence beyond the outer words found on the website.
  • Some people realize the often overlooked fact that words cannot adequately convey spiritual truth. Therefore, truth must be experienced, which can only happen when you are willing to look beyond the words. These people will understand that the outer words are not the real purpose for this website. The true purpose is to give people a direct link to my Presence, so that my Light can multiply the Christ light they have already absorbed into their beings (or give them a portion of Christ light if they have none). These people will not reject the entire website because they find some statements with which they do not agree. They will realize the limitations of words and go beyond the words. Eventually, they will be so attuned to my Presence in their hearts that they no longer need the website as an outer link—and that is the higher purpose for the site.
  • Some people do not have a portion of my Christ Light within them, but they have a portion of the Christ light of another member of the ascended masters, as I explain elsewhere. Such people will recognize the light on this website, yet they might not recognize my Presence and may in fact doubt that I am the real Jesus. The reason being that they do not resonate with my Presence but with the presence of another spiritual master. Yet if they are willing, they can still use the teachings and tools on this website to attune themselves with their personal master.

Let me comment on your observation that the website leaves few people indifferent. This is quite intentional on my part, and the explanation is quite profound and supremely important. To understand this explanation, people need to be open to the idea that everything I said 2,000 years ago has both an outer and an inner meaning. So the word “death” has an outer meaning by which it refers to the death of the physical body. Yet it also has an inner meaning, and one aspect of this is that many people on earth are literally dead in a spiritual sense.

As I already said, if you do not have a portion of the Christ Light, the Christ consciousness, within you, you are dead in a spiritual sense—although your physical body may seem quite alive. There are two factors that can produce this state of spiritual death:

  • Some people have no light in them.
  • Some people do have light, but they have created a closed mental box around their outer minds, so they cannot use their inner light. They have literally buried their talents in the ground.

These are the people about which I said:

15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. (Revelation, Chapter 3)

My point is that I am a spiritual teacher, and it is my assignment from God to save every lifestream on earth. To save a lifestream, I must give that lifestream a portion of Christ light, and I must inspire that lifestream to multiply that light (multiply the talents) until the person has put on the wedding garment, which truly is the Christ consciousness, as I explain throughout this website.

The problem is that before a lifestream can receive, accept and absorb a portion of Christ light, that lifestream must be awakened, it must be shaken out of its spiritual paralysis, it must be forced to come off the fence. And so a primary aspect of my mission is to never leave a lifestream the same as when I met that lifestream.

This is a point often misunderstood by people. I am not primarily trying to get people to agree with everything I say on this website. My primary goal is to awaken them so they cannot remain on the fence. I am seeking to disturb their sense that all is well, I am seeking to penetrate their closed mental boxes with a ray of truth. Even if a person rejects that truth at first, the truth can still do its work. And eventually the person can experience an awakening, as happened to Paul after he encountered my Light and was willing to let it open his inner sight.

So my primary goal for this website it to awaken every visitor by giving him or her a morsel of truth. And even if that truth is disturbing to the lifestream, it can still awaken the lifestream. In other words, it is better that a lifestream denies the truth – yet cannot forget that truth – rather than being completely indifferent to the truth. That is why I said:

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. (Matthew 10:34)

For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind. (John 9:39)

It is my loving hope that every visitor will eventually be willing to let his or her eyes be opened by the light of my Living Truth.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels