Did the ascended masters sponsor the United Nations?

Question: Did the ascended masters sponsor the United Nations organization? If they did, are they still sponsoring it?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through  Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

Well, it all depends on what you mean with the word sponsorship. This is not something we have talked much about because it is difficult to quantify what it means to sponsor. It has been said that I sponsor America but I have also said it’s not a blank check.

We did originally sponsor the creation of the United Nations because it is, after all, an organization that gives the different nations of the world a forum where they can talk about various issues. This has potential for creating dialogue, for creating understanding. It is a potential for helping people discover what we have called the basic humanity or the essential humanity but this doesn’t mean that we gave a blank check to the United Nations.

It doesn’t mean that we are in agreement with or approve everything that the United Nations has done or is doing. The way we look at it is that free will must always be allowed to outplay itself, so when we create something – or assist in the creation of something, give an idea – it isn’t that we have a particular outcome in mind. We see it, as we have said about America, as a process, an experiment, a chance to see how people respond and what they do with it.

It’s clear that the United Nations has not really been a very effective organization. It has become sort of a discussion club for old men [audience laughter] and in many ways it hasn’t had the impact that it potentially could have had. It’s also clear that the fallen beings try to take anything and manipulate it and use it for their own ends and this has to some degree happened with the United Nations.

So we do not sponsor it as much as we did in the beginning but we are still hoping that it can do some good. Of course, those of you who have looked into the United Nations will know that it has a huge bureaucracy but some of you might also be aware that – as I talked about with Washington or Wall Street – there is a public facade and then there is the inside environment that is very, very different from the public facade.

If you feel inclined, you can certainly make calls for the United Nations, including calls for the judgment of those who are manipulating it behind the scenes and using it for an agenda that does not serve to further the Golden Age but given the impact that the United Nations has on the world, it is not really a high priority. I would certainly rather have you make calls for America if you feel tied to America or if you are an American.

The thing about the United Nations is that it is one of these organizations that is built on a certain promise, a certain dream of uniting people. There are many spiritual people, including many avatars, who of course have that dream. As avatars, most of you decided to come to earth because you had the dream of improving, of bringing people together, of avoiding conflict. The unfortunate effect of the United Nations and other such organizations can be that when it makes a promise and doesn’t fulfill it, it serves to discourage people. Then they become hopeless and feel that nothing can be done.

We hope of course, that such people will find the ascended master teachings and realize that something can be done but it isn’t through these outer organizations. It’s by doing the spiritual work that sets the foundation for physical changes.


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