Did John Paul qualify for his ascension and is he now or will he soon be an ascended master?

TOPICS: Moses had to reembody – easy for a leader to make karma – John Paul II was meant to continue modernizing the church – John the 23rd knew centralized leadership was outdated – Vatican II was a necessary first step – John Paul II failed to modernize the church – the sin of omission – failed to address sex abuse – he had outer integrity but not inner integrity – outer beliefs can prevent you from accepting your divine plan – assume you have potential to qualify for your ascension –

Question: Jesus, the Catholic Church has put the late Pope, John Paul II, on the fast-track to sainthood. Yet you seem to indicate on this website that such human measures have little importance in the spiritual realm. Did John Paul qualify for his ascension and is he now or will he soon be an ascended master? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me give you a sense of co-measurement. Moses did not make his ascension after his embodiment as Moses. He had to reincarnate again to balance certain karma he had made and also to overcome a tendency to respond to situations with anger. Saint Paul did not ascend immediately after that embodiment but had to embody again to work out certain psychological issues and balance karma.

I am telling you this to show you that many of the people who were considered great leaders or saints did not necessarily make their ascension after the embodiment in which they were famous historical figures. The reason being that when you are the leader of a big organization or nation, and your decisions affect millions or even billions of people, it is quite easy to make karma that will take time to balance.

It is also easy to become so caught up in one’s position that there simply is no time or attention to work out psychological issues. For that matter, some lifestreams reason that since they have been appointed to such a high position in human society, they no longer need to work on their psychological issues. Others simply set them aside because their earthly mission seems more important to them than the overall mission of making their ascension.

In the case of John Paul II, it was indeed part of his divine plan that he would seek to enter the leadership of the Catholic Church and strive to become pope. Yet it was also part of his divine plan that he would continue the process of bringing the Catholic Church into the 21st century that was begun by Pope John the 23rd.

If you study the life of John the 23rd, you will see that he had a clear vision that the centralized leadership structure of the Catholic Church was outdated and needed to be reformed. He also knew that many Catholic doctrines needed to be revised in order to reflect not only the changing times but also the truth of my inner teachings, of which he had a good understanding. You will see that John the 23rd was actually ostracized by the conservative elements of church leadership for being a modernist. In reality, he was far more in alignment with my true teachings and with the need to create a modern church that reflects those teachings than were the conservative Catholic leadership.

I am not hereby saying that I or Mother Mary agree with everything that happened during the counsel known as Vatican II. Yet I am saying that this council was a necessary first step in a process that could have culminated in reforming the entire Catholic Church and turning it into a living, viable organization that would have had a certain future in the next spiritual cycle.

Had this process been continued in the spirit of Pope John the 23rd, much progress could have been made by now. You would not have seen the drastic drop in church membership that you have seen over the past decades. You would also have seen a church that would have been far more capable of handling the sex abuse scandal, instead of covering it up and basically taking the approach that if you ignore an issue long enough, it just might go away.

What I am telling you here is that Mother Mary was firmly behind Pope John the 23rd and his efforts to reform the Catholic Church. I can also tell you that John the 23rd did indeed make his ascension after that embodiment. This is not due exclusively to what he did in that lifetime, for he had indeed reached a high level of attainment before that last embodiment. He had internalized my inner teachings and his own God flame of Peace to the point where many people felt the Presence of Peace around him.

I am telling you this because it can give you a perspective on John Paul the II and his papacy. You will see that he was a very conservative pope. In his private life, he had mystical inclinations, but he found it difficult to translate them into action for modernizing the church and bringing it into alignment with my inner teachings.

Partly because of the assassination attempt and partly because of his upbringing in a conservative environment in Poland, he decided to keep his mystical inclinations private and to turn himself into an administrator who would continue what his conservative role models considered the only true course for the church. He also used the need to fight communism as an excuse for not reforming the church, thus falling prey to the age-old tendency of letting an outer enemy distract you from fighting the enemy within. This was most unfortunate, and it was clearly out of alignment with the divine plan that he and his spiritual teachers created before his embodiment. (Although the Pope’s actions did have an outer effect in terms of fueling opposition to communism, the real cause of the fall of communism was partly its own internal contradictions and partly the determined prayer work performed by a great number of Saint Germain’s students.)

Although John Paul did indeed live a good and spiritual life, and although he did many good things, he did in fact create more karma than he balanced during that embodiment. You see, making karma does not necessarily mean that you have to do deeds that people consider bad or evil. There is always the possibility that you can make karma through the sin of omission, whereby you do not complete an important task that you had the potential to complete.

John Paul did indeed have a greater potential to turn the Catholic Church into a modern spiritual organization than any single person in recent history, but he failed to do so on most counts. This created a karma for himself that he will need to return to earth to balance. Furthermore, he made a severe karma for the way he, as the supreme leader of the Church, failed to openly and aggressively address the sex abuse scandal.

Because he was the one person who had the power to direct the Church’s stand on this issue, a large portion of the karma generated by the individual priests actually falls upon the Pope. Although he did not commit the abuse personally, he could have stopped it and he could have done far more to prevent future abuse. He could also have done far more to handle the issue in such a way that it would have improved the Church’s public image instead of destroying much of its credibility.

Therefore, John Paul will not become an ascended master until he has re-embodied and balanced his karma. Furthermore, his lifestream has a strong desire to make amends and have a second chance at reforming the Catholic Church.

Although John Paul did reach out to Jews, he still did not fulfill the true potential of his papacy in terms of turning the Catholic Church into a more universal spiritual organization. Doing so would have required a complete reform of Catholic doctrine and leadership structure, giving far more autonomy to local Catholic leaders, so they could adapt to conditions in their countries.

Therefore, John Paul failed to make his ascension. I am telling you this to show you the reality that you cannot judge all people by the same standard. Each person has a unique mission, and depending on your mission it might not be enough to lead a so-called good life. That is why I said that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall in no wise enter heaven.

I am not thereby saying that John Paul was a scribe, a Pharisee or a hypocrite. He did indeed have integrity in outer matters, but he did not have the integrity of remaining true to his highest inner vision. And he was not open to consciously remembering his divine plan. This openness is the only way to make sure that your embodiment lives up to its highest potential.

I realize that when a lifestream enters the dense energies of planet earth, it is easy to forget your divine plan. Yet any lifestream can, by maintaining an open heart and mind, come to rediscover its divine plan. The problem comes in when people use some outer belief system to accept beliefs that contradict their divine plan. Hereby, the lifestream often becomes unwilling to know its divine plan. The reason being that if the lifestream remembered its divine plan, it would have to change its life so dramatically that it would compromise what the outer mind has decided must be the absolute truth. Thus the lifestream chooses, often subconsciously, to remain ignorant, so that it does not have to go through the drastic changes that it considers undesirable. This is indeed the case with John Paul, and it is the major reason he did not qualify for his ascension.

I know these revelations will be surprising and even offensive to some, yet I hope that others will use them to expand their understanding of the immense importance of consciously remembering one’s divine plan and putting all of one’s faculties and resources into fulfilling that divine plan. Not only will you make karma by not fulfilling your divine plan, but you will also give your lifestream a strong sense of lost opportunity that will make it very difficult for you to leave the earth behind.

In other words, failing to fulfill your divine plan can give your lifestream such a strong desire to return to earth and set things right that you will not want to make your ascension. Thus, I hope people will use the tools we give on Toolbox website, including Mother Mary’s rosaries, and the Great Divine Director decree, to rediscover their divine plan and to fulfill that plan in full measure.

Remember, that you have to fulfill your personal divine plan that is individual for you. Therefore, do not fall for the devil’s temptation to reason that, “Well if a spiritual person like the Pope did not qualify for his ascension, what chance do I have?” Truly, no person knows his or her attainment, and thus you should always approach life as if you have the opportunity to qualify for your ascension in this lifetime. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you necessarily have to do great public or outer deeds to win your ascension. Remember my statement that only those who become as little children can enter the kingdom. Focus on fulfilling your personal divine plan. Use the examples of other people to encourage you, but do not use the examples of others to discourage you. Your path is unique, and you can only know your divine plan by going within and contacting your Christ self.



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