Did Jesus create the universe?

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Question: This question may be complicated but I have a deep yearning to learn how did Jesus Christ create the universe and the laws of physics and science? Really how did the “word” who the Bible says is Jesus Christ create the cosmos? How is “the word” (Jesus Christ) intertwined in the laws of physics and science?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I very much welcome complicated questions, especially those that spring from a deep yearning to know the truth.

As I attempt to explain throughout this website, the true purpose of a spiritual teaching is not to bring a complete or infallible truth. It simply is not possible to explain the truth of God through the words found in the material universe. All words have more than one meaning and therefore mean different things to different people.

It is essential for spiritual seekers to recognize the limitations of words and therefore the inherent limitations of any spiritual teaching, including the Bible itself. Therefore, the mature spiritual seekers will be alert and avoid any risk of turning a spiritual teaching into an idol and dancing around it, like the Jews danced around the golden calf while Moses went to the mountain to experience the living truth of God.

We have explained some of the mechanics of how God created the universe. Let me say here that in the beginning was only God, meaning a state of pure Being. Thus God created the world out of itself.

The first aspect of creating anything is to create a mental image of what you want to create. You must have a blueprint, a matrix, an idea, a vision before you can create anything, at least anything that is sustainable. When you understand that God is a state of pure Being, you realize that God truly is a state of consciousness. God is a conscious being and because there is nothing but God, it creates everything out of itself, meaning that God creates everything out of its own consciousness. Therefore, everything that was ever created by God is truly a manifestation of the consciousness of God.

So when God decided to create, the first act of creation was the creation of a state of consciousness which was able to hold the mental images of the forms God wanted to create. Because this state of consciousness was the first element of creation, one can call it the firstborn Son or the only begotten Son of the Father.

Please keep in mind that the words “Father” and “Son” were used by me 2,000 years ago, when I attempted to explain the process of creation to people that were in a far more primitive state of consciousness than the consciousness of most people in today’s world. Therefore, my ability to explain the mysteries of creation was greatly limited by people’s state of consciousness, and I had to use words and images that were familiar to them.

I portrayed God as a loving father figure and I explained the Christ consciousness as the Son of God. In reality, God the Father is a state of consciousness and the Son of God is also a state of consciousness, namely what I would like to call the universal Christ consciousness.

So the first element of creation is a universal state of consciousness. This state of consciousness can hold the images, the blueprints, for any form ever created by God. At the same time, it maintains the awareness that the form originated in God and was created through the power of God. Therefore, even though the form appears different from the Creator, it is fashioned from the very consciousness of the Creator. In other words, the Christ consciousness alone knows the Father and knows that everything sprang from the Father.

So what you see now is that the universal Christ consciousness is a mind that holds a blueprint for everything ever created by God, including the laws of nature that are recognized by science. These laws were formulated by God and are stored in what one might call the computer or data bank of the universal Christ consciousness. The laws of nature were formulated to ensure that the material universe could evolve in a sustainable manner and would not self-destruct.

Although it is impossible to give a correct description of the reality of God through a linear image, I would like to suggest one way to envision the creation of God. In the beginning was only the state of pure Being. This is a state of consciousness. Out of the state of pure Being forms another consciousness which is aware of its own existence and of its ability to create. This is the Creator. The Creator now forms, out of its own consciousness, another state of consciousness which is the universal Christ mind. The Creator forms and stores the blueprint for its creation in the universal Christ mind. This blueprint is what the Gospel of John calls the Word or the logos. One might say that everything was created from the word, or the logos, or one might say that everything was created from the universal Christ consciousness.

In other words, the Creator is not different from the state of pure Being. The state of pure Being is embedded within the consciousness of the Creator. The Christ consciousness is not different from the Creator because the consciousness of the Creator is embedded within the Son. The forms that were created out of the universal Christ consciousness are not different from the Christ mind because the Word is embedded within every form.

When you look at creation from the viewpoint of a human being, you think the material world is somehow separated from God. Yet in reality, everything ever created from God was created out of God’s substance and consciousness. Therefore, the material universe is not separate from God; it exists within God’s consciousness. It is an expression of God’s consciousness.

One might say that the universal Christ mind is a container that holds a number of images, almost like slides. Each image contains the blueprint for one of the forms found in the material universe. As the light of God shines through the slide, the image of the form is projected unto the screen of life and appears as a material form. Yet everything is created from the same basic substance, namely the consciousness of God.

The error that has crept into Christianity is that Jesus Christ, meaning my physical body and outer personality, has become identified with the Christ consciousness. Some Christians even identify my outer person with God himself. This is an incorrect assumption that has no bearing in reality. However, to fully understand this, you must be aware of as another subtle distinction.

The universal Christ consciousness truly is the only begotten Son of the Father. It is the firstborn Son. When the universal Christ consciousness came into existence, there were no manifest forms. The material universe did not exist and neither did the spiritual realm because at that point nothing was created. Therefore, the individual lifestream that human beings called Jesus Christ was not created. I simply did not exist and neither did you or anyone else. At that point in time, there was only God and the universal Christ consciousness. No forms, meaning no individualizations of the universal Christ consciousness, had been created.

God created everything out of the universal Christ consciousness. Therefore, everything that was ever created has the universal Christ consciousness embedded within it. That is why I said that if people should hold their peace in defense of the Christ, the very stones themselves would cry out. How could the stones cry out in defense of the Christ, unless they had the Christ consciousness embedded within them?

As God started the process of creation, it created the first sphere, which is now the highest level of the spiritual realm. When the first sphere ascended, the beings from that sphere created the beings who descended into the second sphere and so on until this sphere. I am a product of this process, yet contrary to what many human beings want to think, after having idolized me for 2,000 years, I am no more and no less important than any other lifestream.

I was, however, chosen for a special mission to planet earth, and as I attempt to explain throughout my website, the purpose of my mission was to demonstrate that all human beings have the potential to manifest the Christ consciousness. This potential is due to the fact that the universal Christ consciousness is embedded within everything. So you have the potential to become aware that you are a son or daughter of God.

I demonstrated the path to Christ consciousness, and I set forth an example of how a person acts when he or she is completely united with the Christ consciousness. I therefore acted as a messenger for the universal Christ consciousness, and the universal Christ mind did indeed speak through me on a number of occasions. What confuses many Christians is that they do not distinguish between the individual lifestream, called Jesus Christ, and the universal Christ consciousness that was expressing itself through me.

You see, when I attained oneness with my Christ self, I became the open door through which the universal Christ mind could act and speak in this world. When I made the statement, “I am the way, the truth and the Life,” that statement did not refer to my outer personality or even my individual lifestream. This statement was spoken by the universal Christ mind, and therefore the true meaning is that the universal Christ consciousness is the way the truth and the life and no one can come to the Father, meaning the consciousness of the Creator, without going through the universal Christ consciousness.

So you see that even the Gospel of John contains an incomplete understanding of the reality of God. This is not to find fault with the person who brought forth this gospel. It simply means that the Gospel of John represents the highest understanding that could be given 2,000 years ago, considering the state of consciousness that most people had at that time.

Today, humankind has risen to a higher level of consciousness and because of the development of science, a more detailed explanation can be given. That is indeed what I attempt to bring forth throughout this website by building upon the scientific discovery that everything is energy. I can assure you that had such discoveries been available 2,000 years ago, I would have made use of them. The current state of warfare between science and religion is completely unnecessary and only serves to keep people on both sides of the issue trapped in a limited understanding of reality.


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