Denying the second death

TOPICS: Most religions and science talk about a beginning – what has a beginning can also have an end – Conscious You can be reabsorbed into the Presence – energies of the soul can be repolarized –

Question: Some teachings deny that the soul can be extinguished in the second death. They say it is made from energy and energy cannot be destroyed. Is that correct?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You say that energy cannot be extinguished. Yet virtually all religions talk about a beginning, and even modern science affirms this in the theory of the Big Bang. If something had a beginning, it follows logically that it can also have an end.

I am aware that scientists have formulated the first law of thermodynamics, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Yet that law was formulated by human beings who look at life from inside the material universe. The law is correct in that there is no force in the material universe which can create or destroy energy. However, God is the creator of all that ever existed, including energy. Because God created energy, God can also extinguish that energy.

As I explain elsewhere, the core of your being is the Conscious You, which is pure awareness. As such it is not even made from energy, and thus it cannot be destroyed by anything in the material world. However, the Conscious You is an extension of the I AM Presence, and it can be reabsorbed into the Presence. The Conscious You does not become immortal until it goes through the ascension, and until then it can indeed be extinguished.

As I also explain, what most people call the soul is a vehicle made from the energies of the four levels of the material universe. And precisely because the soul is made from this lower energy, it is possible that the soul can also be extinguished.

Another principle you might want to consider is the idea that energy can be transformed into other forms of energy. If you make a beautiful ice sculpture and then heat the water until it turns into steam, you have transformed the water into another state, and in that state there is nothing left of the former ice sculpture. Likewise, a soul can be said to be a complex pattern of energy waves. It is the particular form of the energy waves that gives the soul its characteristics. Yet if the energy that makes up the soul is transformed into a higher vibration, the characteristics that gave the soul its individuality are extinguished. Therefore, the soul, as it was, is truly gone.

The core of a lifestream is its sense of identity. In reality, the Conscious You is a spiritual being, but in this world, it is what it sees itself as being. That is why the Conscious You can choose to rebel against the laws of God, meaning the laws of growth and constant self-transcendence, and thereby refuse to grow and transcend. This is what causes the Conscious You to create a separate self and become so firmly trapped in a limited sense of identity that it remains in that identity indefinitely.

When God gave lifestreams free will, it became possible that they could rebel against the law of growth and create a limited sense of identity that was in complete opposition to their true identity as spiritual beings who are truly individualizations of God. A lifestream has a right to create such a limited sense of identity, but it does not have the right to remain in that sense of limitation forever.

If the Law of Free Will had stood alone, a lifestream could have remained in a limited state forever. This would have meant that the consciousness of God, which God lovingly allowed to be embedded in the lifestream, would have been trapped there forever. This would not have been fair, neither to God nor to the lifestream. Therefore, the Law of Free Will was balanced against the Law of Self-transcendence. This law states that a lifestream cannot remain in a specific sense of identity indefinitely.

If you cannot remain in a limited sense of identity indefinitely, it follows logically that there must come a time when the lifestream has to “choose this day whom you will serve,” meaning that it has to transcend its limited sense of identity or cease to be. This fact is what made it necessary to create the ritual of the second death, whereby the energies that are trapped in a limited sense of identity can be set free. When the lifestream goes through the second death, the Conscious You is absorbed back into the I AM Presence. The Presence can create a new Conscious You based on the experiences it has gained, but the original one is gone as if it never existed.

All of the beliefs and energies that make up the 4-fold vehicle – what most people call the soul – are raised to a higher vibration, whereby the matrix of the soul is erased. One might say that God is not actually extinguishing itself. It is repolarizing its energies to their original purity.


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