Demonstrations and protests in Hong Kong

Question: How do the masters see the events in the Hong Kong protests? Has the violence reduced the potential for freedom to manifest in Hong Kong?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Anytime that people resort to violence, it greatly reduces the effect of a demonstration. It diverts the energies actually into a downward spiral, a negative matrix instead of carrying them upwards where they can produce a more powerful change. Now, of course, you have to recognize here that you are dealing with an oppressive regime. And as many other oppressive regimes, whenever they feel threatened, such as by demonstrations, they will attempt to sabotage that process by themselves creating violence. They are certainly not beyond sending people in that are deliberately sent in to create violence in order to discredit the protesters, and make it seem legitimate for the government that they need to step in with force in order to squash the protests.

So in some cases, you can say that the people who are demonstrating for positive change are not the ones creating the violence, it is actually, deliberately done by those who are threatened by the protests. And in that case, it doesn’t have quite the same negative effect. But it still is, of course, very unfortunate when there is violence because it does create a vortex of fear-based energy. And of course, it gives an excuse for an oppressive government to then use force to suppress the protests.

But clearly, there is a positive spiral in the Hong Kong protests that have a potential to create some real change in China. How that will play out is very, very difficult to say because it depends on just a very few people in the Chinese government and the decisions they make. These people are either fallen ones, fallen beings, or their minds are very heavily influenced by the fallen beings so it is as yet unpredictable what they will do, whether they will use more violence to suppress the protest, or whether they will actually come to a point where they realize the need to create some change.


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