Definition of ego vs. having no ego 

Question: It seems that the 144 levels of consciousness possible on earth can be divided into three different levels: until the 48th, until the 96th, and until the 144th. So, if this is right, in every stage, we are faced with different levels of initiation in Christ consciousness. In this initiation of the challenge of Christ, is it possible to be faced with a glimpse of not just another self to get rid of, but with the entire structure of our ego? Or is this just another illusion to make us believe that having confronted our ego structure, we know it all – and don’t need to keep challenging our mental box about Christ consciousness?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, the simple answer is: Yes. There are, of course, people on earth who have come to believe that they have no ego left. This is where it gets a little subtle because it all depends on how you define ego. You can have a narrow definition of ego and you can say that a person has come to see through that ego, has confronted that structure, and has overcome it. Therefore, according to that definition, the person has no ego left. But it doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t have any separate selves, and is, therefore, now in a higher state of consciousness and doesn’t have to look at its own psychology anymore.

This is the illusion that many people have fallen into over time. Especially those who have gained some kind of position as being spiritual teachers, as being in a spiritual movement, as having attained a position in a spiritual movement, or whatever. There are many of these people who claim, or their followers claim or they themselves believe that they have no ego left. Sometimes, it can be right according to their definition of ego, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have any psychology left they need to look at because as we have said, for each of the 144 levels of consciousness, there is an illusion, there is a separate self that is based on that illusion. You need to keep looking at this for as long as you are in embodiment.

We have said before that you can overcome any limitation as long as you are willing to look at it. If you make yourself believe that you no longer have any ego or unresolved psychology, and therefore, you don’t need to look at your psychology, well, then you will not rise above that level. You may have reached a fairly high level of consciousness, but if you do not go beyond that level, you will not fulfill your highest potential. You will not make your ascension, possibly. The reality is that when you come to the higher levels of Christ discernment, you begin to see that for each level there is a certain separate self that needs to be resolved. You realize that you have some separate selves left. It doesn’t bother you; it doesn’t mean you are feeling like you cannot express yourself. You realize that there’s always something to look at—you always look at your reactions to situations. If you’re willing to do this, that is when you will make it.

Whenever you come to a point where you stop yourself, then you will not progress beyond that level. It is that simple.

I know there is a very old dream on earth that you can come to a point where you have reached an ultimate state of consciousness. But it is just an illusion, my beloved, projected by the fallen beings, reinforced by many well-meaning spiritual people. You will see that most spiritual movements or religions have this belief. Christians would say: “Well, I have no ego”. Buddhists would say:” Well, the Buddha had no ego. Muslims would say, “Well, the prophet had no ego”. With many other spiritual movements—in the Summit Lighthouse, it was believed that the messenger had no ego. In the I AM Movement it was believed that the messengers had no ego. In Theosophy, it was believed that Madame Blavatsky had no ego, and so forth and so on.

Consider yourself fortunate that you are involved in an activity where the messenger doesn’t feel the need to claim that he has no ego and doesn’t want other people to think so. That is why we have been able to give these teachings. Otherwise, you would have come to a certain point where you would not have been able to progress further.


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