Dedication to the spiritual path

Question: The book “My Lives” describes the many years Jesus spent learning from the three wise men, his spiritual teachers. He went through many initiations and dedicated himself full-time to the process. When I compare this to my more limited process of reading some teachings, giving occasional invocations and attending a few conferences, I am concerned that I am not doing enough. Can you comment on how we think about the example provided by Jesus in relation to our own lives today? Can we still grow significantly and potentially ascend without going through such an intense training process in this lifetime.

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

It’s one of these questions where whatever you say, people can interpret it any way they want. This could be said to be true of all questions, but especially a question like this. Because on the one hand, we have in this dispensation especially encouraged you to find a balance, where you do not go to the extremes and you lead a more balanced lifestyle where you can have a job, you can have a family, you can live a relatively normal life and you’re still working on your spirituality. And this is a perfectly valid model, especially in the Aquarian Age. However, it is also necessary to recognize that in previous ages the collective consciousness was much heavier than it is today, so it required a greater effort to raise yourself above it. It’s also necessary to recognize that I had a specific mission that in some ways was more demanding than the mission most of you have today. And that required a certain dedication from me in order to get to that point where I could start fulfilling that mission.

You can look at the life of this messenger and see that he also has a specific mission. And not all of you have the same mission. He needed to go through a certain process that was necessary for him to raise his consciousness. And that required him actually to put in a certain dedication, a certain determination that most of you do not have to emulate. That being said, there are some of you who also have the potential to manifest a certain mission and that means you will have to be more dedicated than the average spiritual seeker. This is something that can only be understood at an individual level. And therefore, what I mean when I say that whatever I say people can interpret it, is that your outer mind can interpret this answer any way you want.

And so you need to make an effort here to step back from the outer mind. Because there will be some who will feel: I have an important mission, I want to have an important mission, therefore, I should really dedicate myself and this only causes them to go into a very unbalanced approach to the spiritual path and an unbalanced lifestyle. But there will be others who might with their outer minds interpret it as: Oh yeah, I can continue to live the lifestyle I’m living now and just have the spiritual path as a kind of side interest or underlying interest in my life. And that might prevent them from manifesting the higher potential of their divine plan. The way out of this is, of course, to work on your individual discernment, which requires you to work on these separate selves going back to the primal self. And then when you get over this primal self, which is something all of you can do with a reasonable effort, then you will have a more clear vision: What is actually my divine plan? What does it require of me to get to a certain point, to a certain level of consciousness?

And so, my recommendation here is that you all work on these separate selves and really try to get to the bottom of your primal self, which shows you your fundamental relationship to this planet, how you see yourself and what you can and cannot do on this planet. And that then gives you the freedom to know: What is my role in this lifetime? Is it to live a relatively normal lifestyle and give an example of how I can live a normal lifestyle while still being a spiritual person? Or do I have some kind of mission that requires me to make a greater effort to reach a certain level of consciousness before I can fulfill that mission?


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