Decisions behind internal spirits

Question: In our practice, we need to see the spirit we have created, and the decision behind it, so that we can transcend it. If the decision was made in a previous life a long time ago, I find it very difficult to remember a previous life, especially when a decision is hidden in my subconscious. What can help me see a decision made in a previous life? For example, I can see that a decision was made, that this earth has two types of people, those who are right and those who are wrong, and then my spirit decides it is among the “right: people. But I cannot remember clearly the circumstances in a past life that made me make that decision. When a spirit keeps coming back, is it because I could not see the decision behind it and therefore my I AM Presence has not shattered the matrix of that spirit?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

What we have given you is a set of tools and teachings that can help you uncover the decision behind a certain spirit without necessarily seeing the exact situation where this happens. I have given you tools in the book Healing Your Spiritual Traumas, the meditation where you go back through the seven gardens, go back to the theater where you see yourself on a certain stage. This can help you get at least glimpses of what the situation was like, what the dynamic was, how other people were involved, what you were exposed to, and the decision you made.

You do not need to know exactly what happened in order to uncover the decision, you just need to see that decision, see how it affects you and then decide to let it go.

If a spirit keeps coming back, it is because there is something you have not seen. It is not actually that the I AM Presence shatters the matrix, it is actually that you are using your free will to keep the spirit alive because you have not undone the decision that created the spirit. You are feeding it your energy. And when you stop feeding it your energy because you changed the decision, then the spirit simply dies and that is when you can then make the calls for the energy to be transmuted back into a higher vibration.


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