Death of the Conscious You?

Question: When we ascend, does the conscious self merge and become one with the I AM Presence? If so, does the conscious self still have a separate sense of self apart from the I AM presence after the ascension? Do the ascended masters have a conscious self in the same way unascended beings do?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well again, I’ll address that because if you’re really interested in this question, you should read Guru Ma’s book: “Don’t Drink Your Own Kool Aid”, because she talks about it in there and gives actually the most detailed teachings that the masters have yet given on the Conscious You and the I AM Presence. The short answer is that when you ascend, the conscious self does merge, it becomes one with the I AM Presence. It sort of merges back into the I AM presence. The question says, “Does the conscious self still have a separate sense of self apart from the I AM Presence after the ascension?” Well, no, because it merges into the I AM Presence. But basically, you could also say, the conscious self stops existing—it’s not there anymore. It’s just the I AM Presence. That’s what Gautama talks about.

And so, do the ascended masters have a conscious self in the same way we do? No, obviously they don’t. That’s how you become ascended. The conscious self is like an extension of the I AM Presence, only created to go into embodiment in an un-ascended sphere. So when you ascend, there is no longer any need for it. And then you could say that the Conscious You comes out of the I AM Presence, but when you ascend, it merges back into it.

So it only has sort of a temporary existence and what happens when you ascend is you realize I, let’s put it this way, you go into duality. Or you start with a limited sense of awareness and you think you are all of these selves you create in order to be in embodiment on earth, or whatever planet you’re on, even a natural planet. So you think you are this, when you go into duality, you think you are the separate self, you identify yourself as a separate self. So what the masters have done is they’ve given us this concept of the Conscious You in order to help us separate from all of those separate selves. Jesus actually described the process 2,000 years ago when he talked about: “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it, but he who is willing to lose his life for My sake shall find it.” In other words, if you are seeking to save the life of your separate selves, you’re going to lose eternal life because you can’t move on and you certainly can’t ascend. But if you are willing to let these separate selves die in order to follow Christ, to come closer to oneness, then you will win eternal life.

So, the Conscious You is sort of a concept they have given us to realize that we are more than these outer selves. And they have said that we are pure awareness, meaning the Conscious You doesn’t have any features and characteristics that can be described. So you could even say that what we have been told here is also a stage. So in other words, first you’re completely identified with the outer self, then you come to this realization: “I’m more than this outer self,” and then they have given us the concept of the Conscious You to help us realize: “Oh, I am not the outer personality. I’m not the outer self. I’m a Conscious You that isn’t bound by anything in this world of form because I’m pure awareness so I can’t be imprisoned by anything in this world.” But eventually when you ascend, you come to the realization: “Oh, I’m not the Conscious You, I am the I AM Presence. And then you have ascended. I don’t think you can fully realize that until you ascend. Maybe you can, but then I haven’t realized it yet.


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