Dealing with karmic relationships

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Question: Were a person to learn that they had a twin flame who ascended centuries ago, are they destined then to walk without that twin flame during this lifetime and to walk with a soul mate instead?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is quite possible that a person’s twin flame has ascended, and in some cases that twin flame might have ascended centuries ago. In fact, many of the people who are consciously on the spiritual path, and who are making great efforts to raise their consciousness, are doing so precisely because their twin flames are already ascended. The ascended twin flame exerts a magnetic pull on the lifestream. This compels the lifestream to come up higher and to sacrifice many of the temptations on earth in order to regain union with the twin flame. So while it might seem like a loss that your twin flame is ascended, it can be a great advantage for a lifestream who is on the spiritual path.

Many people assume that the ideal love relationship can only be experienced between twin flames. In reality, that is not the case. There have been examples of people in embodiment who were married to their twin flames. However, if the two lifestreams had karma with each other, or if they had not resolved their psychology, the relationship was not necessarily a harmonious one. Being married to your twin flame does not guarantee that your relationship will be a fairy tale.

Every relationship requires commitment and work. First of all, it requires commitment from each partner to overcome the limitations in his or her psychology because such wounds stand in the way of a harmonious relationship. If you have this commitment, then you can experience a very high relationship with a soul mate. So I encourage people not to dream about a fairy-tale relationship with the twin flame, but to commit themselves to make the best of the relationship they have, whether it be with their twin flame or a soul mate.

Let me finally say that many love relationships on earth are not between soul mates. Many lifestreams are attracted to each other because they have karma with each other. At the deeper levels, the lifestreams have a strong desire to work out that karma. However, at the level of conscious awareness the lifestreams might not be aware of this commitment, and this can lead to many clashes between such lifestreams.

If you experience such a relationship, it is important to recognize the overall purpose for the relationship, namely the need to balance karma and to work out the kinks in your psychology that prevent you from moving on. The last thing you want to do in a karmic relationship is to make more karma with the person and refuse to learn your psychological lessons. If you strive to maintain harmony and strive to learn your lessons, you can balance the karma quickly. You will eventually either have a good relationship with the person, or you will be free to move on to a better relationship.

What I am basically saying here is that everything that happens to you contains within it an opportunity to grow. If you look for the hidden lesson and embrace the opportunity, you can make major progress on the spiritual path, and this will eventually open up for better outer conditions as well.


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