Dealing with a more totalitarian government in Russia

TOPICS: The masters do not want a spiritual elite to replace the old power elite – they want the population to govern themselves – the Russian people must be allowed to experience the consequences of their choices – physical power always less than power of the mind – the belief in strong men – doing spiritual work out of love; not fear – thus be non-attached to physical results –

Question: In 2005 Archangel Michael said there is a vortex of negative energy focused at the very heart of Russia, a vortex that affects the entire planet and stands in the way of Saint Germain’s Golden Age being manifest on planetary level. Has the situation changed? Looking at the results of the recent parliamentary elections in Russia devoted hearts can’t but doubt whether all the rosary work they have been doing with Archangel Michael’s Rosary for Russia and Rosary for Restoring the WORD has brought forth any positive changes at all. Is the vortex as powerful as it used to be? What can spiritual people in Russia and other countries of the CIS do to bring forth changes apart from giving more rosaries and striving for personal Christhood?

Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels: (December 8, 2007)

What is it that we of the ascended masters want to see in every nation? It is that a majority of the population is awakened and that the people become empowered to govern themselves. What is it that has always happened in the past? It is that a small elite have taken power and have dis-empowered the people, either through physical force or through making them believe they cannot govern themselves (or both).

So – contrary to what some spiritual people believe – we are NOT looking for a situation in which a small elite of spiritual people take control away from the old power elite and now become the new elite. We are looking for the top ten percent to understand their true role of holding the spiritual balance for the population by working to raise the collective consciousness until the people can sustain a high level on their own.

In other words, we are not seeking to replace one elite with another one, not even an elite of spiritual people. We want to empower as many people as possible. And for this to happen, a people must sometimes be allowed to experience the consequences of their choices. So if the people of Russia choose to support a government that takes away their freedom under the guise of restoring Russia as a great world power, then they must be allowed to experience this until they see that it does not work. And thus, even a temporary set-back can lead the way for a maturing process that will eventually cause the Russian people to take back the power to govern themselves instead of always looking for some superhuman force outside themselves to do so. Instead, they will look for the superhuman force INSIDE themselves.

Do you see my point? Spiritual work is never wasted. The vortex of darkness in Russia has been diminished substantially by your rosaries and the collective consciousness has been lightened. Positive changes are happening and will continue to happen—even with the present government in power. For no matter how much physical power a government might have, physical power cannot stop changes when the people change their consciousness. For you see, physical power is always less than the power of the mind. This is precisely why communism fell, and especially the spiritual people of Russia should have learned the lesson that physical power is no match for spiritual power.

The long-term effect of the recent election in Russia is that a more totalitarian government will eventually “force” the people of Russia to realize that they must take command over their nation instead of leaving it to “strong-men” who can never provide the answer. For no one person can govern a nation—only one people – a people united in spiritual oneness – can successfully govern a nation.

In the last part of Maitreya’s book there is an extremely important teaching on the need to disconnect your spiritual work from the desire to see specific results and why this is such a dangerous trap for the more mature spiritual people. This is a very extensive explanation that I will not repeat in this answer. I will simply encourage all mature spiritual students to study the book and strive to internalize the message.

For my beloved, when you are new to the spiritual path, you still approach spiritual growth through the filter of duality. Thus, you still have fear in your being, which causes you to think in terms of the stick-and-carrot scenario. You either do spiritual work to escape hell or prevent a planetary disaster. Or you do it to be rewarded personally or by seeing a planetary paradise. As you grow, you need to rise above this dualistic motivation and embrace the higher motivation, where everything you do is done out of the desire to express your spiritual identity – to let your spiritual sun shine – in the material world. You move from being motivated by fear to being motivated by love, the perfect love that casts out fear.

There comes a point, where you are not doing spiritual work with the expectation of seeing a particular result. You are doing it as an expression of who you are. This change of attitude – of moving out on duality and into non-duality – is described very clearly and concisely in the new book, The Art of Non-war.

Being here below all that you are Above is, of course, what will bring about the greatest possible changes, for now you are realizing that it is not your outer self who is doing the work, but it is the father within you – your spiritual self – who is working through you. The Conscious You is now seeing itself as an extension of God, as Jesus expressed when he said, “My Father worketh hitherto and I work.” And this is the step up that both the students in Russia and elsewhere can make in order to take their service to a distinctly higher level.


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