Dark beings assigned to destroy the growth of every human being

TOPICS: People reluctant to accept this truth – a threat from which no defense possible will be denied – yet there is always a defense – invoking spiritual light can protect you from dark spirits – learn to expose evil spirits and their temptations – the impostor of your lifestream – call for binging of impostor and ego – the name of your false hierarchy impostor –

Question: Since angels are assigned to us, are there also evil angels/spirits assigned to us by Lucifer or the devil to cause us problems during our lifetime?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You are absolutely right that the dark forces do assign lower spirits to each human being. This is a truth that has never been generally accepted, and the reason is a psychological mechanism.

Scientists have observed that birds sometimes respond contrary to what would be expected. Whereas animals normally react with a fight or flight response, a bird that is confronted with a severe threat might pretend to be sleeping instead of make an attempt to escape. This mechanism is also present in the human psyche.

The simple fact is that if a human being is confronted with a threat from which it believes it has no defense, it will go into denial about the existence of the threat. Since human beings cannot detect evil spirits with the physical senses, it is quite possible for them to deny the existence of such spirits. This is indeed what many religious people have been doing for thousands of years, and in today’s world many people use the theories of science to deny the reality of such spirits. You even see some modern Christian theologians who deny the existence of evil spirits, even though the Bible clearly demonstrates that I cast out such spirits on numerous occasions.

The only effective way to overcome this psychological denial is to become aware of the fact that human beings do have a defense against evil spirits. That defense is to invoke the light of God in the form a spiritual protection. We give tools for spiritual protection elsewhere.

When you realize that everything is energy, you realize that evil spirits are also made from energy. Furthermore, they are made from energy of a low vibration. Therefore, the logical defense against such spirits is to invoke high-frequency energy from the spiritual realm. You can use such energy to create a wall of light around you that evil spirits cannot penetrate. You can also fill your personal forcefield with high-frequency energy, so that there is no room for evil spirits to enter.

Obviously, everything is subject to your free will, and you must learn to see through the temptations of the devil, so that you do not unknowingly invite evil spirits into your consciousness and being. This was demonstrated by me after my stay in the wilderness, when I rebuked the devil and resisted his temptations.

The dark forces that work on the earth do indeed assign evil spirits to every human being. Each person has one particular evil spirit, which one might call the impostor of your lifestream. It is wise to make calls to Archangel Michael for protection and to specifically ask Archangel Michael to bind and consume the false hierarchy impostor of your lifestream. In order to do this effectively, you should also call for the binding of your human ego, which is the inroad that the impostor uses to gain access to your consciousness. You must strive to attain a state of consciousness in which the prince of this world can come to you and have nothing in you whereby he can tempt or manipulate you.

You might be aware that some Satanists and black magicians read the Bible backward or pronounce names backward as part of their rituals. This contains a key to the name of your personal impostor. You might recall that when I cast out devils from a man, I first asked the spirits about their name [Mark 5:9]. The reason was that when you have the name of the spirit, you have more power over that spirit, and thereby your calls for the binding of the spirit will have a greater effect. So the impostor assigned to your lifestream will use your name spelled backward.

Therefore, an effective way to deal with that impostor is to make calls for Archangel Michael to bind the false hierarchy impostor using your name spelled backwards. One way to make this call would be:

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ, I call directly to the heart of Archangel Michael and his legions of angels to bind and consume all lower spirits attacking my lifestream from without and the ego attacking me from within. I call especially to Archangel Michael to bind and consume the false impostor named … [pronounce your name backward] assigned to me by the false hierarchy. I call for this to be done right now with the full power of God, and I accept it done right now and forever. Amen.

You can also make such calls while doing the calls for spiritual protection or the invocations and rosaries. Archangel Michael’s rosary is very efficient for this purpose .

 Follow-up question: Can you please explain in detail the term, “impostor of our lifestream?”

As I explained above, the dark forces on this planet will assign a particular spiritual being to your individual lifestream. That being has the specific task of obstructing and possibly destroying your spiritual growth.

Your lifestream was created with a specific combination of divine qualities. The impostor of your lifestream is a being who has embodied the perversions of the divine qualities of your lifestream. Therefore, the impostor is impersonating your lifestream by taking on the perversions of your God qualities and seeking to manipulate you into expressing those perverted qualities or even accepting them as a part of your individuality and personality.

For a vivid and largely correct, although not complete, description of how an impostor works, read the book The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis.

 Follow-up question: I wonder about women and their married names and their birth names. Should it be spelled using both married and birth name, or just one or the other? Or, for women who are divorced but still use their married name? Also, if that name is not pronounced correctly – as it seems it could be difficult with some names – will it still work?

It is most important to use your current name because that is the main name used by the impostor assigned to your lifestream. However, I recommend that you also call for the binding of any impostor using any of the names you have used in this lifetime.

It is possible that people who still remember you under an old name, especially if they hold on to a negative memory about you, can unwittingly give energy to a false hierarchy impostor using that name. It would therefore be prudent to call for the binding of the false hierarchy impostor using that name spelled backwards. It is also good to use calls to Archangel Michael and the Violet Flame to call for the binding and the consuming of any records produced while you were using that name.

The pronunciation of the name is not overly important. If the name is difficult to pronounce, then write it down and look at the written name while pronouncing it as best you can.


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