Current conditions on earth from a growth perspective

Question: Maybe give a current assessment about the planet earth now, so are we going in a good direction, because you hear a lot of things about the housing market worsening. So is the energy getting less dense and are there more people ascending. Could you give a general assessment about our planet earth?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

Well my beloved, this is of course a complex topic, because the earth is as I said yesterday – made up of many different groups of people. So if you look at it generally (as the planet as a whole) then the earth is rising in awareness. The earth is being pulled up higher, partly by the rest of the universe that has accelerated so far beyond where the earth is at that you could barely even fathom it. We have talked about natural planets but many of the planets in the universe have accelerated to a much higher level of natural planets. There are of course still natural planets but they have accelerated tremendously. But you are also partly being pulled up by the fact that more and more people are raising their consciousness.

Of course when you look at the earth, you can see that there are certain pockets of people that are resisting this growth and therefore in a sense are having to go into various states of crisis mode, of dualistic consciousness, the epic struggle in order to resist the growth, the upward pull. You also have to recognise that as the planet goes higher and especially as it goes through the shift from Pisces to Aquarius it is necessary that there are certain areas where there is more contrast. In other words people act out certain things to a more extreme degree, in order to make certain problems more visible. You can look at this as an isolated phenomenon and you would say that there is a downward trend or things are going backwards. If you only look at it as a localised phenomenon you can of course be right and you can say that there are certain (for example) the financial markets or the housing markets or growing conflicts in Africa, human trade or many other problems around the world where you can see that these problems are increasing, they are becoming more worse. So if you only look at the isolated phenomenon you could say that there is a downward trend here.

But when you step back and look at the planet as a whole you are actually seeing that these are actually effects of the upward trend. Because as the planet is pulled upwards those people who resist the growth, they have to become more and more extreme in acting out their fear based tendencies. Basically the purpose is for their own sake they get a more and more extreme experience, so that they can more quickly have enough of it. But the other purpose is that other people can look at this and they can more clearly see the need to step up higher in order for the planet to transcend that particular problem. Like what was just said – in the rich nations the number of homeless is increasing, partly to give those people who are responsible for shifting society a more clear demonstration that something is out of balance and needs to be brought back into balance. As I said last night we of the ascended masters are not frustrated with the earth. Of course we have compassion and would like to see all people overcome suffering. But we recognise that this cannot be done instantly because ultimately what is it that is going to bring people beyond suffering. It is not a physical change in an outer condition; it is a shift in their consciousness.

So you could say there are many poor people around the world, couldn’t you just go in and create better living conditions for them, give them jobs, give them money and give them the physical conditions so that they were not living in poverty. But the reality is that this would not actually help them from a growth perspective. They need to go through a gradual process of shifting their consciousness and thereby seeing that as they shift their consciousness, their outer situation will also change. That is why Saint Germain said the solution to the homeless problem is not more social programmes, “why are people homeless” it is partly because they have an imbalance in their consciousness. So this is an opportunity for them to begin to look at that imbalance and overcome it. This doesn’t change the fact that of course society needs to change and take power away from the elite. I am just saying that when you look at the earth and everything that is happening on the earth, everything that happens is an opportunity at some level. That doesn’t mean that we approve of what is happening, that we want to see it happen, that we want it to go on happening.

As I said we have this absolute acceptance of free will and therefore we recognise that if people cannot change in any other way, then they must act out in an extreme way a certain tendency. Therefore we need to respect that this is the way that they have chosen to grow. Of course they may not have chosen this consciously. But we also have to accept the fact that there is a high percentage of the people on earth who are not at a level of consciousness where they can choose to grow consciously. So they make unconscious choices, they experience consequences and thereby they hopefully, eventually come to the point of having had enough of a certain experience and they change. We must respect that this is the way they have chosen to grow. You as spiritual people need to have some acceptance of this, so that you do not get yourself out of balance by becoming overly focused on problems.

Now this messenger has said several times that when he was younger he was too compassionate and felt responsible for the planet, for other people and he has also gradually come to the acceptance that he is here to make a positive difference, as you are all here to make a positive difference. But you are not here to deliberately and forcefully change other people because people must be allowed to change from within. What that means for you is that, in your Divine plan there is specified that you are here to help raise the awareness about a certain issue, a certain problem, a certain aspect of life. But there are other aspects of life where it is not in your Divine plan to raise the awareness on that level.

Therefore there can come a point where you need to make a conscious decision that you simply will not focus your attention on these problems. Even though they are going on and people are suffering tremendously, if it is not in your Divine plan that this is the area where you need to focus your attention and energy. Then you have a right as this messenger has concluded to simply say “I can’t put my attention on this because it is too disturbing to me to feel the compassion for the peoples’ suffering.”

It doesn’t mean you don’t care, it doesn’t mean you become callous and insensitive, it just means that you recognise that on a planet as complex and as conflict filled as this one, you as an individual cannot solve every problem. Therefore you cannot have your attention on every problem because it divides your attention too much. It pulls your attention here and there and maybe pull on your emotional body and you end up going into an unbalanced state, where you suddenly can’t fulfil the purpose that you are here for because you can’t focus on the area where you are here to bring a change. Now in the invocation you have just given, there are some verses that say: “Help me see whether I need to do this through direct action or by making calls for the issue.” There are certain areas in your Divine plan where it specifies that you need to go into the situation, you need to take certain actions because you need to experience a situation. There are others where you need to make calls but of course you need to have a certain discernment where you realise that we are giving you many different books and teachings that we want you to make calls on many different things. But we are not wanting each one of you to make calls on all of these things because we realise that none of you can deal with that.

You need to be discerning and its part of discovering your Divine plan but its also part of raising your awareness and being willing to make certain choices where you draw certain boundaries and say: “This I can deal with at my present level of consciousness and this I can’t deal with.” You have a right to ignore what you feel you can’t deal with. Otherwise you can become frustrated and pulled into all the negative views and all the Doomsday theories and my beloved, a doomsday theory is just that – a theory. You can see that by the fact that these kinds of dire prophecies have been around for quite a long time but the earth is still there, the world hasn’t ended. My beloved, before the year 1000, the vast majority of Christians in Europe believed that Jesus would come back at the year 1000 and the world would end. Well that’s a 1000 years ago, my beloved and there has been a lot of water going under the bridge since then and the world has not ended. As I’ve said before the world will not end in the near future and should that change I will be sure to let you know (laughter). My beloved, you need to find a balance because part of going up to the next level of your Divine plan is to find balance and this is something we will talk more about.


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