Creation of the human body 

Question: I recently saw this old movie “Inherit the Wind”, which basically made fun of the Bible while glorifying Darwin’s “Origin of the Species”. It seemed to me like materialistic science was replacing an outmoded and phony religion, falsehoods abound on both sides of this equation. Evolution theory is a big part of modern education. At best, one can say that this is only a partial view or incomplete. Can you comment on this, particularly when it comes to the creation of physical bodies for spiritual beings to inhabit? If all is mind created can a physical body on a planet like earth be created in its final version immediately or does it need to go through some more gradual process of development? I use the term final very loosely here because clearly our physical bodies are changing rapidly to more out picture our level of consciousness.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

On a natural planet human bodies, if you can call them human on a natural planet, but to use the terminology used on earth, are not the result of a long pregnancy. There is no need for sexual interaction for pregnancy and for a child to be born as a baby and take many years to grow to adulthood. You pretty much can precipitate a body through the identity, mental and emotional levels into the physical.

This is not possible on earth or on any other unnatural planet. That is why on unnatural planets you have the situation that you have human bodies being brought forth through a sexual act or propagation, a long pregnancy and then a long process to reach adulthood. This is of course what you see in the animal kingdom, which is why the materialistic scientists have portrayed human beings as just a sophisticated form of animal and this is why they believe there is this totally materialistic, mechanistic evolutionary process that leads from animal forms to humans.

They know very well they cannot explain all stages of this, the missing link is still missing, but they are as unwilling to look at the inconsistencies in their belief system as the members of most religions. That is why we have said before that materialism basically is a religion that aims to replace specifically the Christian religion.

So the reality here is that on earth you cannot bring forth a physical body through the mind. It can be done on a natural planet, but even so it is, as you correctly point out, not the final form of the body because on a natural planet the body also gradually changes through time as the consciousness of the being inhabiting that body changes. The physical body on a natural planet is not as dense, matter is not as dense and therefore you can actually, by changing your consciousness, change your body to a much greater degree than is possible on earth.

On earth you have people who use physical means to change their body and it is of course possible to change your body through the mind alone, which some more advanced beings such as Yogis have attained and this is something that will be more common in the golden age. When you reach the higher levels of the golden age people will be able to raise their consciousness to higher levels and therefore start changing the body, but still there will be the normal pregnancy that will be needed for the next 2000 year period.


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