Corruption in Ukraine

Question: In the former Soviet Union countries, for some people, breaking the law almost indicates that they have some superiority, despite all sorts of punishments. For these people, to tempt a person with a bribe is almost like winning in some competition. Many people are happy when they manage to break the law to solve some of their issues. What prospects do ordinary Ukrainians have, based on the given circumstances, to change their world view, to give up legal nihilism and the initiation of corruption?

 Question 2: I was born and live in Ukraine. I see massive corruption in this country and a significant gap between the authorities and the people. I know that in the Soviet Union, stealing was very much developed. People were stealing everywhere in the enterprises where they worked. I think corruption is not something unacceptable for the people of Ukraine. How can Ukraine get rid of the filter of perception in which theft is considered something normal and acceptable?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Ukraine Webinar.

We have commented on this in our dictations, but I will say that again, it boils down to this: There needs to be a shift in awareness where people realize that when you are stealing or engaging in corruption, you are stealing from the whole, you are stealing from the collective. There needs to be that sense that: “We are in this together and that it is not just everyone who is out for himself or herself.” And this is something that has the potential to develop in a greater measure after the war, because this has been such a shocking experience for many people.

There can be this awareness that we are facing this task of rebuilding the nation. We cannot allow corruption, we cannot allow people to steal and we cannot even allow the oligarchs or other people high up in business to steal from the country and steal from the people. I am not saying this is an easy transition, but it is a possible transition that other nations have gone through.


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