Constructive and negative aspects of globalization

Question: What is globalization? Why is globalization seen as a bad thing by some people? Or is it because it is being used in a perverted way?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, we have said many times that there is no concept that the fallen beings cannot pervert and will not attempt to pervert in order to make use of it for their own purposes.

Now, if you look at what has happened on earth, from a purely technological perspective, over the last decades, you can see that with the advent of the internet, and better communication, there has been a more global awareness that has begun spreading. People have become much more aware of different cultures of how people in different cultures think and communicate.

And so there has been a raising of a global awareness. This is of course, not something that happened just with the internet. It also happened with the improvement of technology that made long distance travel more feasible and more affordable, so that people have physically traveled to other countries and seen other cultures. So by the very fact that people are meeting or being exposed to different cultures, different backgrounds, different races and religions, you have the growth of a global awareness.

Now it is clear also that we of the ascended masters do intend to increase this sense of global awareness because it is a part of our efforts to raise the awareness that all life is one—all people are one, all people are connected, all people are part of the same fabric of life. And therefore, what you do to other people will affect yourself. And this is part of the global awareness that we are seeking to promote.

It is also clear that in the golden age, there will be a greater sense of global awareness. There will eventually come a point where there is a more globalized form of government, where there are certain principles that are espoused by all nations around the world. There will come a point when nation states will start fading away. You will first have regions emerge, but then eventually you will have that sense of a global awareness.

However, it is also clear that some fallen beings are trying to prevent this move towards oneness by dividing people and creating chaos and division and conflict and war. But there are other fallen beings who are trying to make use of this raising of the global awareness to put themselves in a position where instead of having power over just one nation, they can now begin to exercise global power, they feel.

It is clear that globalization is a concept that can be perverted by the power elite, and by the fallen beings. Some people have sensed this intuitively, or they have reasoned their way to it intellectually, rationally. And so, they oppose what is normally called globalization. Some people can see, as we have said, that the ultimate outcome of capitalism is that one corporation destroys or incorporates all the others, and therefore dominates the economy. And they are aware of this, and they want to counteract it, as they see they can do. And it is valid enough to be aware of these things and to spread awareness of it and to work against this form of globalization that is based on power. And based on concentrated power in the hands of fewer and fewer people.

It is clear that the form of global government that I envision is not going to be a dictatorship led by one person, or even a few people, or even an elite of people. It is going to be an entirely different form of government that, of course, is based on a much broader involvement of many different people, so that one person cannot determine the fate of the entire world.

What you can do as an ascended master student is use our teachings to increase your discernment and awareness and realize that there are certain negative aspects to globalization. There are certain constructive aspects to globalization. And you can make the calls for the furthering of the constructive aspects and for the exposure of the destructive, for the binding of the dark forces and the fallen beings behind it, for the judgment of Christ upon them, and so forth.


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