Conspiracy theories about vaccinations

Question: Several whistleblowers have come out with evidence that certain vaccines, like MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella), have caused side effects in young children such as autism and even death. It also seems that anyone that questions the health effects of vaccines is vilified and destroyed in the media. Moreover, many people get very angry when these arguments are raised. Do the masters support vaccines? Is there a link between certain vaccines and autism and what is behind this movement to push vaccines?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

We have actually commented on vaccines before, I will not repeat that here. But I wish to comment on this consciousness that you cannot question the vaccines and you become vilified by questioning them. This is of course, not a condition we support. There is nothing that cannot be questioned. The reality is that you live in a democratic nation and if a certain number of citizens have a concern, then it needs to be addressed openly. There is of course, a certain movement from the fallen beings that in the longer perspective would like to create a program where everybody was forced to get certain vaccinations that would have the effect of pacifying them. There is no question that there is that intent. There was even some research being done on it in certain laboratories that of course, are not open to the public.

But as we have said before,vaccines were a necessary step for eradicating certain illnesses. What you also have in this equation is that there are other fallen beings who will use any issue to attempt to create conflict and distrust. This is what you see behind many conspiracy theories. The purpose is simply to create this conflict, confusion and distrust leading to chaos. It is important to find some kind of balance here, where of course the questions need to be asked and addressed.

But on the other hand, look at the situation of the government who is doing the best they know how to do. Most government officials involved with this or any other area, they are doing the best they can. They are busy with their jobs. Can you really expect them to address every conspiracy theory that comes up? You have to find some kind of balance there. It is clear that there will come a point where vaccines are no longer necessary and it is clear that there needs to be an ongoing process of refining vaccines, and really studying: “Do they have side effects that we can measure or don’t they?” And if they do, then naturally, they need to be changed, so you overcome those side effects.


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