Conscious You and the empathy for others

Question: Ascended master students know that the Conscious You can project itself anywhere. When we empathize with other person’s pain or emotions, does this mean that our Conscious You projects itself onto the other person and experiences some parts of his four lower bodies? I’d like to ask for the master’s explanation of how empathy for others works.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2023 Korean Conference.

You can actually project yourself into the energetic field of another person so that you experience their situation through one of their subconscious selves. This is, of course, not something we recommend that you do, but it is what many people have done when they have been too empathetic or felt human sympathy for others. As an ascended master student, it is important to not do this [in order) to keep your Conscious You in your own energy field.

But you need to recognize that even if you do this, you can still have subconscious selves in your own energy field that gives you an unbalanced empathy or sympathy for other people. This can also cause you to be overwhelmed by these feelings because these subconscious selves can tie into, for example, the emotional body of the other person or the collective emotional body so that through that connection you have an influx of lower energies. And, of course, there can be the other person or the dark forces in the emotional realm who can, then, pull energy out of your energy field and drain your energies.

The best way to overcome this is, in the short term, to give decrees to Archangel Michael and Astrea, but in the long term, discover those selves that you have that makes you too empathetic and not willing to really stand up for yourself and your own growth. And when you let go of those selves, then you can be permanently free from this dynamic.


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