Combining  decrees with body motions

Question: I am an expert in traditional martial arts and Qi Gong. While giving decrees I do this in my own way, using body motion. Especially, I came to know that some decrees combined with certain body motion, are effective to activate a certain chakra, but occasionally I doubt whether this is my own way, whether this is right or not. My question is as follows: When we invoke spiritual light with decrees, how does it interact with our physical body system? And is it okay to give decrees with certain body motion?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, certainly, there is a long tradition, in various spiritual fields, of using the body. You have yoga, you have Qi Gong, you have martial arts that make use of the physical body. And naturally, there is a certain effectiveness, a certain effect of this, a certain validity to it. You can combine decrees with various body motions if you have some experience in that field. There is nothing inherently wrong with it, but you will notice that we do not teach it directly. And we are not, by saying this, encouraging other people to start doing this, if they do not have previous experience with particular body motions.

It is perfectly true that there are certain body motions, which can activate chakras, even the body motions themselves, and you can combine this with decrees. What you need to be very careful about, in some of these traditions, is that you do not seek to force. There are various traditions, including martial arts, where people have a clear goal of performing some physical feat. And they are willing to try to use finer energies to reinforce their ability to do something physical. And often they are not very concerned about what are the more subtle consequences, the spiritual consequences, of this.

There are people in the field, especially in martial arts, who have gotten themselves into this very forceful state of mind where they think, not only it is legitimate to force the energies, but it is necessary, perhaps even beneficial to do so. Or it proves that they have power and attainment. And this is something we do not encourage in our students. Because force will always encounter a counter force and it will always generate a counter force. You can end up using all of your energy overcoming a certain opposition. But then when you overcome that level of opposition, there is just a new level of opposition, and it just ends up eating up your energies. You need to be very careful about this. And this is why we generally recommend that people give decrees sitting in a comfortable position and with eyes closed and your body is just at rest, or at least in a relatively comfortable position.

But if you have spiritual expertise in various fields, then it is perfectly legitimate to experiment with this as long as you keep in mind that you are not trying to force anything, you are not seeking to achieve a physical goal, but you are seeking to achieve the transformation of consciousness. Some of you have backgrounds in various fields, where it is part of your divine plan that you take ascended master teachings and tools, and you combine them with your field. And you can then teach others with this which can bring some renewal in these fields. Again, you do not need to convert people to an ascended master teaching. You take the ideas that relate to your particular field, and you incorporate them and teach them.


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