Closing the circle between master and student

TOPICS: People looking for an excuse to reject the teaching – master allowed to give certain amount for free – the student must multiply what is given in order to close the circle – law of the tithe – a personal relationship with the master – do something to raise collective consciousness – supporting the website physically – reading a book is a more profound experience –

Question: Shouldn’t the books created by you be made available online for free like the rest of the teachings on this website? Please explain why you have chosen to sell the books rather then offer the teachings for free online. I think this is important because some of the people I have shown to your website will read some of it and then see that you are selling something and the second they see that it negates the entire website and they laugh about it.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There are many people who find this website and are deeply disturbed by the possibility that I, the real Jesus Christ, could actually be speaking through someone and putting my inner teachings on a website that is available to all. They are disturbed by this because they have created an image of me that makes them feel they have me and my teachings under control. They are disturbed by the possibility that I cannot be controlled because I can speak through people who choose to tune in to me and be the open door for the Living Word. So when such people find this website, they are, consciously or subconsciously, looking for anything that will give them an excuse for rejecting the website or my teachings on it.

There is a spiritual reason why not all of the books are available for free. To understand that reason, you need to understand the basic spiritual law that guides the interchange between a spiritual master and the students of that master.

This law basically states that the master is allowed to offer the student a certain amount of teaching for free, meaning that the student can receive that teaching without giving anything in return. When I say giving something in return, I first of all mean that the student makes a commitment to embody and apply the teaching and to follow the master.

The Bible tells people to freely give what they have freely received. The master gives freely to the student, and in an ideal situation the student will multiply the gift and give part of it back to the master. When the master gives to the student, it is like one half of a circle. Spiritual teachings and spiritual energy flows from the master to the student. If the student takes the spiritual teaching and does not make a commitment to the master, then the circle will remain open. Only when the student makes a commitment and applies the teaching, will the circle be closed. And only when the circle is closed can the master release more light and teaching to the student.

When the circle is closed, a figure-eight flow is established between the master and the student. The light of the master flows to the student who then multiplies that light and sends it back to the master. The master can then multiply the offering from the student and give the student more light and teaching. This becomes a self-reinforcing spiral that will gradually lift the student to a higher level of consciousness, the level of consciousness attained by the master.

However, for the circle to be complete, the student must give something back to the master. This is what is expressed in the law of the tithe, where people give a part of their income to God, so that God has something to multiply and give back to them. This law was created after the Fall of Man, and it says that a spiritual master cannot continue to give to a student unless the student multiplies the first offering. In other words, the master is allowed to give the student an initial gift. Yet unless the student multiplies the initial offering, the master is not allowed to give any more to that student.

The law is explained in great detail in my parable about the talents. You will notice that both of the servants who had multiplied the talents received more in return. Yet the servant who had buried his talents in the ground, and thereby refused to multiply them, could receive no more and therefore lost everything. You might also consider the situation where I multiplied the loaves and the fishes in order to feed the multitudes. Why did I not simply manifest food? Because the law would not allow me to do so. The law states that I was allowed to multiply what the students had brought to the altar of God. They have brought loaves and fishes, and that is why I multiplied them manifold. Had they brought nothing, there would have been nothing for me to multiply and the multitudes would not have been fed.

When you understand this spiritual law, you realize that this website represents the initial offering that I, as the spiritual master, give to the students, meaning those who find this website. It is my desire to close the circle between myself and anyone who finds this website and who is willing to enter at master-student relationship with me. Yet for the closing of the circle to occur, the student must multiply my initial offering and give something back to me.

The multiplication of the offering first of all means that the student must internalize the teaching and make a commitment to raising his or her consciousness. This has nothing to do with any outer physical action and is certainly not dependent on the person supporting this website in any physical way. Yet there are levels of commitment and the greater the commitment from the student the greater the multiplication from me.

One level of commitment is that the student takes the teachings on this website seriously, studies them, applies them and allows them to transform his or her understanding and consciousness. Yet at some point the student should also take some outer action as a result of internalizing the teachings. One such action could be to use the spiritual techniques that we offer on the toolbox website. This includes the decrees for spiritual protection, the calls for the transformation of negative energy on a personal and planetary scale and the beautiful rosaries and invocations released by Mother Mary. By giving such spiritual exercises, the student will make a contribution to the purification of the consciousness of humankind and the energy field of the entire planet. This then will allow me to give more light back to the student and establish the figure-eight flow.

Another way for the student to complete the circle is to spread the word about this website or to tell other people about the insights they have garnered from the site. In other words, students can help me spread my inner teachings. Finally, a student can also take the physical action of supporting this website financially. The books are a convenient way for people to support the website financially, even though it is also appropriate for them to give a more direct contribution, if they feel so inclined.

While the Internet is a great tool, it also has limitations. One is that so many people expect to get something for free without giving anything in return. Another is that reading a spiritual teaching piece by piece (often in a random order) is not the same as reading a book, where you get a teaching that builds a more sequential progression. You will get a more profound experience from reading the teachings in a book. Therefore, if someone finds something of value on this website, there should come a point where the person wants to read one of the books.

The underlying purpose of this website is to give people a bridge, whereby they can establish a master-student relationship directly with me or another ascended master. The key to establishing this relationship is to make a commitment and to multiply the teachings that I have freely given on this website. As I said, the law only allows me to multiply that which the student places on the altar. I can do nothing beyond what the law allows me to do, and therefore it is truly up to the student to close the circle and establish the figure-eight flow between us.

Finally, there is a practical reason for not giving away the books. When you consider how much material has been put on this website and the fact that so many books have been written, you will see that my messenger simply could not do this amount of work by having a regular full-time job. It is therefore reasonable for me to provide a way for him to earn an income so that he can devote his time to serving me. As the Bible says, the laborer is worth his hire [Luke 10;7]. There is truly nothing wrong with an exchange of money for services rendered.

I desire the books to go far and wide and reach people who do not have computers. For this to happen, the books must get in the bookstores, and I can assure you that no bookstore will give away a book for free. Therefore, they must be sold at a price that makes them attractive to a business.


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