Christ and Buddha

TOPICS: Path of Buddha more suited for people in the East – path of Christ more suited for people in the West – Christhood sees reality and unreality – your task to help people escape consciousness of anti-christ – Buddhahood sees reality behind all appearances – easier for people to start striving for Christhood and then rising to Buddhahood 

Question: I know that Jesus did embody the Christ principle and I know that you wish that others could connect with their own Christ. I am asking are you saying that we cant seek the Buddha? From what I gather the Christ and the Buddha belong to the Second ray of LOVE and WISDOM. LOVE is represented by the Christ and WISDOM is represent by the Buddha.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There is no contradiction or competition between the path of Christhood and the path of Buddhahood. However, different lifestreams need different vehicles, and therefore one religion does not fit all.

The path of the Buddha is generally more suited for people in the East, whereas the path of the Christ is more suited for people in the West.
One might say that Christ consciousness is simply the lower stages of enlightenment. Thus, Buddhahood is a higher form of consciousness than Christhood or a higher stage of Christhood.

When you attain Christhood, you realize that you are one with your source (God) and through that you attain discernment between what is of God and what is not of God. You clearly see that many of the appearances in this world are against God’s law and his intent for this universe. You thus see the unreality of all that is anti-Christ and your task is to free lifestreams from the illusions of anti-Christ.

When you attain Buddhahood, you realize that everything is the Buddha nature, meaning that everything is made from God’s substance. The appearances of this world are simply illusions, Maya. They might appear to be separate from or in opposition to God, but they are simply God’s substance in a temporary and fleeting disguise. Therefore you affirm the reality of God behind all surface appearances.

The Buddha and I are both spiritual teachers and we are part of the same team. The Buddha was sent by the ascended masters to bring the teachings of Buddhahood. Unfortunately, not enough people were able to grasp the teachings of the Buddha, and therefore I was sent to offer them a bridge to help them cross over to enlightenment. For most people, it will be easier to embody the teachings of Christ than the teachings of Buddha. That is, once they understand the true teachings of Christ and not the watered down version, filled with dead men’s bones, offered by orthodox Christianity.


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