Christ and anti-christ not the same as good and evil

TOPICS: Christ is one with God – anti-christ is separated from God – Christ is not in opposition to anti-christ – in material universe, you are allowed to oppose God – the universe acts as a mirror – when you send out an unbalanced action, the mirror creates an opposite reaction – Lucifer and fallen beings sent out an action that became evil – the cosmic mirror sent back a reaction that is good – both good and evil spring from consciousness of anti-christ – evil is not in opposition to God; it is in opposition to itself – removing anti-christ means transcending the epic, dualistic struggle – 

Question: Could you give me a deeper understanding of the concept of duality and non-duality? What exactly is the difference between Christ and anti-christ? Are they the same as good and evil—as my fundamentalist friends seem to believe?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The consciousness of Christ is a state of consciousness that is one with God, with God’s purpose and with God’s will. The consciousness of anti-christ is a state of consciousness that is separated from God and therefore opposes God’s purpose and violates his laws. Yet you can cannot transfer the concepts of Christ and anti-christ to the dualistic concepts of good and evil.

In fact, you will see that I personally never used the term anti-christ, and the problem is that it makes it seem like the force of anti-christ is in opposition to Christ. Therefore, it becomes tempting for people in a dualistic state of consciousness to reason that Christ is the same as good and anti-christ is the same as evil—according to their definition of good and evil. This is not true because even though the consciousness of anti-christ opposes God and the consciousness of Christ, the consciousness of Christ is not in opposition to the consciousness of anti-christ. The consciousness of Christ is simply beyond the consciousness of anti-christ.

I know this is a subtle distinction that is difficult to understand with the linear mind, but let me attempt to explain. When the Creator created self-conscious beings and gave them free will, God knew that some of them might misuse their free will to oppose his purpose for creation. In doing so, they could no longer remain in the River of Life and enter the spiritual world. That is why Lucifer, and those who followed him in his rebellion, inevitably fell to lower level of God’s creation, namely the material universe.

In the material universe it is allowed for a conscious being to oppose the laws of God. Yet this universe acts like a mirror and returns to you everything you send out. This principle has been discovered by science in the form of the law of action and reaction. This law simply states that if you send an action into the universe, the cosmic mirror will reflect that impulse back to you with equal, but opposing, force. In reality, the universe is not opposing your action. It is simply mirroring your own action back to you, and human beings see it as a reaction.

So when Lucifer and his followers fell into the material universe and embodied the consciousness of anti-christ, they became the force that human beings today call evil. In so doing, they sent an action into the universe, and the cosmic mirror reflected it back upon them in the form of a force that seems to oppose the force of evil. This is the force that human beings normally call good.

The important distinction here is that what human beings call good is not necessarily good in the eyes of God. It is simply a reflection of the consciousness of anti-christ which has created its own opposition, its own reaction, its own opposing force. In other words, whereas Lucifer and his followers believed that they were actually in opposition to God, they were in reality in opposition to themselves. The consciousness of anti-christ, and any human being who decides to embody that consciousness, is not actually fighting against God. They are fighting against themselves.

Because God gave people free will, God can do nothing to stop this from going on in a seemingly endless spiral of violence and bloodshed on this planet. We of the ascended masters cannot force human beings to abandon this endless struggle. We can only continue to offer them spiritual teachings and hope that they will eventually tire of fighting against the windmills as did Don Quixote.

We can only work toward helping people see that although there is an epic struggle between two forces on this planet, those forces cannot be defined in black-and-white terms. What most people call good and evil are simply two expressions of the consciousness of anti-christ which has created its own opposition. Therefore, the only true way to remove anti-christ from this planet is to rise above the dualistic struggle in which both sides seek to force people to be saved. In other words, even a political or religious institution that claims to be working for good, but uses force to make people comply, is in reality an expression of the consciousness of anti-christ. It does not respect the Law of Free Will and thus it opposes God’s purpose for creation.

When you attain Christ consciousness, you cannot remain passive in the face of evil, but you will not define evil in dualistic terms. You will not engage in the dualistic struggle between the Gog and the Magog, as the false gods of this world. You will rise above duality through the single-eyed vision of the Christ mind. When your eye is single – meaning that you see beyond duality – your whole body shall be full of light [Matthew 6:22], the light of the universal Christ mind. You can then bring the true light that will dispel the darkness that prevents people from seeing that even what they call good is out of alignment with the truth of Christ. This might shock many Christians, but remember my statement, “For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:20). So there is a true righteousness in Christ and a false righteousness defined by man.

When you put on the mind of Christ, you become the open door for bringing forth a higher awareness, a higher culture and a higher form of government that can solve the problems that today seem to have no solutions. My entire purpose for this website is to give people the tools and the understanding they need to manifest Christ consciousness. Let those who have ears, hear my words, but be not hearers of the word only [James 1:22]. Be the doers of the word by being the Word incarnate.


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