Chris consciousness today is a matter of living a constructive life in a daily situation

Question: One aspect of the Christ Jesus consciousness were wonders like turning water into wine and walking on water. Why does no one do this today? Isn’t this an important aspect of Christ consciousness, the power of mind over matter?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

I have said before that because the collective consciousness was more dense two thousand years ago, it was necessary to perform what you call miraculous feats in order to get people’s attention. In today’s age the consciousness is higher and therefore this is no longer necessary. We of the ascended masters are not really sponsoring this kind of display because it is often misunderstood. It often leads to an idolatry of the person who might be able to perform it and it often leads the person to go into a sense of superiority or whatever. You also have black magicians who have a certain mastery of mind over matter – as you might call it – but they use it for selfish purposes.

So today we are looking for a whole different approach, where it isn’t so much a matter of performing some miraculous feat. It’s more, in fact, a matter of manifesting the miraculous feat of living a constructive life in your daily situation. We’re not looking for people to do this out-of-the-ordinary thing but something that is seemingly ordinary but doing it with a non-ordinary level of awareness. We have no desire in today’s age to set up one person who can perform these miracles because that person would be idolatrized and it would have the opposite effect of what we want, which is to encourage many, many people to attain and express their Christhood. That is why we are very much concerned about people who have idolatry of spiritual teachers and how unhealthy it is.


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