Choosing a personal ascended master

Question: How do I recognise and choose the most appropriate teacher or ascended master for myself, can I just perform the decree or the invocations of a specific ascended master who is attracting my heart.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2017.

My beloved you can of course choose with the outer mind and some people have done this to begin with. Where they have had a certain master, where they have read or heard the dictations from that master. They have been attracted to the masters way of speaking or the masters way of using reasoning and logic. And so they make a decision with the outer mind. But it is always more effective when you make this decision with the heart, which is not really a decision but it is just you feel an affinity or an attraction with a certain master in your heart.

If you have that feeling then by all means go with it, give the decrees and the invocations for that master, listen to the dictations, read the dictations and then seek to attune to that master. If you do not have a strong feeling with your heart, then whichever master appeals most to you in whatever way you are able to feel this – then focus on that master for a time. Listen to the dictations, read the dictations give the decrees and invocations but be open to the fact that you may not work with a specific ascended master for the rest of your life or for many years.

There are many students who have a certain master that so to speak brings them into the teachings, brings them, anchors them on the path and then after a time they need to move onto a different master. So always keep in mind that the goal of the spiritual path is not to increase your intellectual understanding, but to increase your intuitive feeling, your intuitive knowing. Therefore you need to always be open to receiving the intuitive guidance that now it is time for you to focus on a different master and then you of course do that. And then you seek to attune to that master for a time until you may get the guidance that it is time to move on to another one. If you have absolutely no master that you feel a strong affinity to then of course we suggest that you take the books in the series in the course The Path to Self Mastery and begin with the first ray of Master More and then work your way up. And then I am sure that as you work with these books you will definitely get a feeling for which master you need to work with next.


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