Children’s night terrors and nightmares

Question: This question is about night terrors. My two year old granddaughter gets night terrors and experiences sudden fear and anxiety during sleep, and then she wakes up. She wakes up early in her sleep cycle with screams, with her eyes wide open and staring, looking fearful. She usually breathes rapidly and remains unresponsive when I attempt to wake her up though her eyes are still open. And she does not seem to recognize people around her. This last for 10 to 20 minutes. Is there anything that I can do to help her with this issue? Are these symptoms derived from the memories of her past lives? And I would like to know the causes and how I may help her. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

You can use the spiritual tools we have given to call for protection of your child. You can call for Astrea to cut the child free from any ties to the astral plane. In many cases, this is caused by severe trauma in past lives, that the soul carries with it into this lifetime. And it means that the soul of the child is open to the astral plane, because it has received these severe traumas and wounds in past lives that have created holes in the child’s aura.

Now, on a more long-term basis, the solution is of course to help the child heal the psychology and overcome the trauma. But in many cases, you will also see that this goes away after some years. And it usually isn’t easy to help a child heal such psychological trauma during childhood, but only becomes possible when the child becomes an adult, and becomes more aware of this. But you can certainly, as the child grows older, attempt to talk to the child about it.

You can for that matter, start now and ask the child if it remembers anything, and then perhaps then seek to give the child guidance based on this. But the most important step you can take is to make the calls for this. It may not necessarily alleviate the problem completely, depending on the severity of the child’s trauma. Because as I said, there are some traumas that can only be healed consciously by the child seeing something in it’s psychology. But it is at least something you can do and that in many cases will help.


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