Children and dark forces

Question: My question is about dark forces attacking young children, they are six or eight years old and they don’t understand, they are afraid, they don’t sleep. I come to them as their mothers invite me but I cannot explain to them why the dark forces attack them and they are so young. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

In some cases where children are attacked by dark forces, it is because they have a certain spiritual attainment and a potential to reach a higher level of consciousness in this lifetime or to do something important in society and the dark forces want to derail their mission at the earliest possible age. In other cases, it is because these children have deep wounds in their psychology from past lives that make them vulnerable to these dark forces who are always seeking to attack whomever they can.

What you can do in this case and it goes for all of you, if you encounter this phenomenon. Is that first of all you can make the calls for protection and for these children to be cut free by Astrea, protected by Archangel Michael and so on. Depending on the age and the awareness of the child, you can also try to talk to them openly and explain to them to them that there are certain dark forces that are trying to attack them and that they have a right to say, “NO”. You understand as we have said many times that when you make calls for other people, we of the ascended masters cannot step in and go against these people’s free-will. So, in some cases, it is actually necessary that the children come to the awareness that there is a dark force that is attacking them and that they have a right to say, “NO” – to use their free will to refuse to be influenced by these forces.

This cannot work in every case because in some cases there is a more complex reason where children can in past lives, have invited certain dark forces to come into their consciousness. This can happen for a variety of reasons. This means that the child may not be at a level of understanding and awareness where it can deal with this. It may be able to do this later in life, especially if it is open to a spiritual teaching but there will be a few children that you cannot help. You need to accept this, that you cannot help them because they have invited the dark forces in for such a complex reason. Then they are not willing or ready to look at this and therefore you cannot make calls that go against the free will of the child because the child needs to come to an inner awareness and resolution where it makes the choice to let go of this dark force.

In some cases this is because in a past life, the children wanted power and they so to speak, sold their soul to the devil, and said: “I’ll allow you in if you give me power in this situation.” It could be for example that they wanted a relationship to a certain person and they would say: “If you make this person fall in love with me, then I’ll allow you in.” or it can be many other aspects.

It can also be that they didn’t want to take responsibility for themselves, so they invited a dark force in so they didn’t have to make their own decisions. There are a variety of complex reasons for this and in that case, your calls cannot have an effect. Your talk to the child cannot have an effect and you may simply have to have patience and hope that as the child grows up it will become more aware of this and be willing to look at this complex psychology.


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