Child sex trafficking

Question: The issue of child sex trafficking. A lot is in the news about sex offenders and the powerful elite. This has been hushed up well for many decades. Will there be full accountability from the perpetrators and besides making calls to expose this consciousness, what else can we as ascended master students do to continue to expose this sickness and hopefully eradicate it from the planet altogether? I don’t think it will be part of the golden age.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

No, of course this will not be part of the golden age. What you can do as ascended master students is continue to make calls for this, make calls for the exposure of the dynamic behind it. Will there be full accountability for the perpetrators? Well, of course there will be in a karmic sense. These people will generate very much negative energy, they will lower their own state of consciousness, they will tie themselves to the fallen beings who are behind all of this and they will not escape accountability.

Now, whether there will be a public accountability in the public awareness or in a courts of law on earth is another matter. It is clear that many of these powerful people know how to manipulate the system and escape accountability for this. Again, you can make the calls for the binding of the demons, the fallen beings, the collective beasts behind this that are preventing the exposure of it. But still it is likely that some of them will be able to escape accountability.

What you can make the calls for is that people will begin to see that of course the sexual exploitation of children, no matter who does it, is not in accordance with the basic humanity. No child should be exposed to sexual exploitation from anyone whatsoever. And so you can make the calls for this to be seen, and this will gradually raise the collective awareness so that these practices will not be able to be tolerated or remain hidden and therefore some of these people will realize that time has run away from this.

You can also make the calls that there will be an exposure that this is, really has, only one purpose and it is to steal energy from these children who yet have a higher degree of innocence and therefore they have certain energies they can steal. You can make calls for the exposure of this entire mythology that has been created about virgins, that it is somehow desirable for men to have sex with a virgin. This is again because they steal energy from a person who has never had in this lifetime sexual activity, so there is some reality to it but the reality of course is not a positive one because why do these people, men or women, need to steal energy through sexual activity? It is because they have cut them off from getting it where all people should be getting energy, namely from their I Am Presences.

And so you can see that these beings, they are not all fallen beings, but they are certainly stepped into a realm of being energy vampires that are aggressively and with force stealing energy from other people. This of course is not in accordance with the essential humanity according to which all people should have the opportunity to live their lives without having their energy stolen by any external force, but it will be a little more long term that society will be able to recognize this. Of course it will be recognized when, as Saint Germain said, there will be the technology that will enable people to see directly how energy can be stolen and extracted from people’s energy fields through music, through sexual activity, through many other human activities.

There will come a point in a golden age where it will be possible to evaluate human activities based on the cost of the energy drain that it exposes people to, and this will create an entirely new awareness about what activities people want to go into. It is not something that in all cases will be the subject of laws where certain activities will be prohibited. It will simply be that society will realize that people need to know what the effects are before they engage in an activity and then society can allow people to make the choice, at least for some activities. Clearly sexually exploitation will, to a greater degree than it is now, be outlawed so that the punishment will be higher for those who can only be scared by the threat of exposure and punishment.


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