Channeling, spiritual communities and teachers in the Aquarian age

Question: You said yesterday that you would not see yourself as a spiritual teacher. And that made me aware of the fact that, well, if you don’t have the role of a spiritual teacher, then I cannot take on the role as a spiritual student and lean back and confidently take in the teachings that are coming. Discussing about quality in the group, still there is one equal sitting in front of many equals and I would like to ask whether the masters could maybe give a vision of the next level how this group or other Aquarian Age groups could work?

This answer was given by the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels at a conference in Holland, 2016.

We are, of course, in an interim phase here with the transitioning between Pisces and Aquarius. Therefore, we need to adapt to the conditions that are here and see how we can use them to take people forward. That is why we have a messenger who is taking messages from us.

In the future, as we move further into the Golden Age, there are many other modalities that open up. There is a possibility that you can have a community where a number of people have reached the level where they can, for example, take a message from the spiritual realm. You may have a situation, for example, where several people are sitting in front of the congregation and nobody really knows ahead of time who is going to take the message that is coming forth. It is determined by the Spirit simply selecting a person, and then that person takes the message.

Theoretically, you could reach a point where all had reached that level, or at least where so many had reached it that they could speak in front of a large group. The advantage of this would be that we could have messengers who had worldly expertise in various fields and therefore had the knowledge in their outer minds that would allow us to give a more detailed message on a specific topic than any one messenger would be able to bring forth. You cannot have any person that knows everything about every topic. As we have said before, we are not trance-channeling, we are not taking over peoples’ minds. We are multiplying what is in the messenger’s consciousness and we can often go beyond it, but we cannot say something for which the messenger has no vocabulary of either words or concepts.

In terms of a spiritual community, we are looking for spiritual communities where all are equal in the sense that they have all reached the point, that Mother Mary talked about, of going beyond their personal issues and concerns. They have resolved enough of their psychology that they are not coming from an ego-based perspective, they do not have an ego-based motivation for being in the community or for serving, and so they are equal at that level. Now, equality does not mean sameness because people will still have individuality, individual talents, individual abilities, and they may have attainment from past lives that they are bringing into the community.

There will still be a role for some people who are in a position where they either bring forth teachings, they conduct workshops or seminars, they conduct healing sessions, and other things. There will always be a division of labor because, again, everybody cannot do everything, and so specialization is very much a valid concept even in a spiritual aquarian-age community.

In terms of a spiritual teacher, well, it is not that there will not be spiritual teachers in the Golden Age. There will be people who function as what you would call a spiritual teacher, but they would do it differently. This messenger, from one perspective, could be said to be a spiritual teacher. It is just that he has realized that in the Piscean Age, there has been built a certain concept of a spiritual teacher and that this concept simply is not applicable, valid or even constructive in the Aquarian Age. That is why he has chosen to say that as long as so many people have this conception of what it means to be a spiritual teacher, he does not want to use that terminology about himself.

In a sense it could be said that all of you who are spiritual students are in a way spiritual teachers because how do you teach? How do you really teach? You teach by being who you are, by expressing who you are. This messenger is being who he is to a large extent, and he is to a large extent expressing who he is, although of course he allows us to speak and he seeks to get you to speak. He could teach much more based on who he is, and this may happen in the future.

Nevertheless, it is understandable that in this transition period there is a need to take a different approach to being in the position of a spiritual teacher because it has been a pattern in the Piscean Age that the spiritual teacher has been elevated and idolized. It is perfectly true that when you idolize and elevate the teacher, there is a tendency that the student sits back and relaxes and expects that the teacher is going to give him or her what is needed to grow on the spiritual path.

Now what is actually relaxing in that situation is the ego, because the ego knows that if you are blindly expecting the teacher to give you something, then you are not exercising the greatest enemy of the ego, which is your personal discernment, your intuition, your ability to know from within. In a sense, this messenger is also signaling that he does not want to put you in a position where you can use him as an excuse for shutting off your intuition, your sense of responsibility for yourself.

In order to be an ascended master student, you cannot just study the outer teaching and expect that that is enough. You have to continually look at yourself, work on your psychology, increase your discernment, and come to a point where an outer teaching does not tell you what to think, what to believe. The outer teaching in itself is not enough for you because you use the outer teaching as the way to stimulate your intuition so that you get personal insights that help you integrate the teaching, apply the teaching, but even increase your understanding beyond what is said in that particular teaching.

This messenger is doing this constantly. When he is giving an invocation, he often has his mind trigger an understanding where he suddenly sees something he did not see before. The same, of course, when he is reading or editing a dictation. Many of you, are already doing this, and this is part of the path.

There is no going on auto-pilot and making progress on the spiritual path. It cannot be done. When you sit back and relax, you are either standing still or after a short period of time starting to go backwards. It cannot be any other way.

There are, of course, many teachers in the world who have promised you this. Even Christianity has put out the idea that all you need is Jesus and then you will be saved, for he will provide what you need in order to be saved. What a mockery of what Jesus actually demonstrated and what he lived as a living teacher who sought to raise his disciples up towards his own level of consciousness.

In the Aquarian Age, being a student is not passively receiving. It is actively interacting with what is coming from the ascended masters through whatever source. You are interacting with a teaching, with a teacher, and with the source behind the teacher, meaning the ascended masters.


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