Change in Poland driven by women? 

Question: A question about Poland. There’s a strong polarization in the Polish nation. Is there any real potential for some people to awaken from duality? Is there enough people, women, a critical mass of women who can get awakened and drive the change beyond this polarization?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, the answer basically is yes there are enough women in embodiment in Poland who have the potential to awaken and drive this change beyond the current gridlock. Poland is an example of a democracy that is not really fully a modern democracy because it has had a very difficult history with being overrun by these larger nations, being part of the Soviet Union. So it hasn’t had time to become a modern democracy, but it obviously has the potential to become so.

And as a result, there are many lifestreams who have volunteered to embody in Poland and they have primarily embodied as women but not only as women. And what will drive this change is, again, the basic humanity, the essential humanity, where women especially, will look at how people are being treated under the current government and what is happening to the nation and to the people as a result of this polarization into these two fronts that cannot cooperate.

It’s not really something that women in general could even create in a nation, this polarized situation. This is primarily something created by men who get as we have said, pulled into this epic mindset, thinking they have to fight for this ultimate cause and it is not in alignment with divine motherhood because the mother, the mindset of the mother will see that all people in a particular nation should be treated well, should be treated equally. And this cannot happen when there is a polarization.

So the perspective again of this basic humanity, and even the essential humanity of what people have the potential to grow into, is the best opportunity for overcoming this. It may still take some time, because with the re-election of the President, you have now extended the time where the current government will stay in power. And this means that it will act out in more extreme ways until people begin to see the absurdity of what they’re actually doing. 


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