Can Pakistan be reborn as a modern nation?

TOPICS: The moderate people need to take back their nation from the extremists – serious challenge for Pakistani people due to the way nation was born – should Pakistan have been a separate nation? – Muslims and Hindus living in peace – upward or downward spiral – a president must be powerful without becoming dictatorial –

Question: I would like to know has the Bhutto assassination in Pakistan created an adverse situation there, do the moderates feel enough is enough, and is there any optimistic outlook for them?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Would you like it to be a positive or a negative development? For if you want it to be positive, then decide that it will be positive, that it will awaken the moderates in Pakistan to the need to step up to an entirely new approach to their nation.

You see, I cannot answer that question because it is up to the free will of the people in Pakistan. But what you can do as a spiritual person is to hold the immaculate concept. It may not be that enough people will be awakened by this event to shun the path of violence. It may be that there needs to be other violent events in Pakistan. But you should still hold the matrix, the immaculate concept, the vision, that there will come a point where the critical mass is reached, that the moderate people step forward and say, “We will take back our nation from the extremists. We will create a new nation, a reborn nation that is not based on tension and conflict.”

This is an especially serious challenge for the Pakistani people, for when you study the creation of Pakistan as a nation independent from India, you will see that this nation was born out of conflict. In fact, the founder of Pakistan – I do not wish to withhold the fact – that this person was a top-ranking fallen angel, who was very much attached to the duality consciousness. In fact, so attached that he has since gone to the second death.

It is questionable whether Pakistan should have ever emerged as a separate nation. For it would indeed have been preferable that it had remained part of India, and therefore work towards a state where India as a nation could tolerate both Muslims and Hindus. And where they could live and work in peace, as was indeed the vision of Gandhi, who did everything he could to stop the bloodshed between Muslims and Hindus.

The question really is: Can Pakistan rise above its own background? Can it rise to the point where it does not see itself as the Muslim nation that is in opposition to the Hindu nation of India? Can it rise to be a truly free nation, or will it deteriorate into a power struggle, where the Muslim extremists start a downward violent spiral that can eventually lead to the collapse of the nation. Which could take several different scenarios, including an invasion by India or by an international force that would seek to create stability out of a chaos that is threatening to spread throughout the Muslim world.

This could potentially become a very serious situation, which is precisely why Mother Mary gave the prophecy of making the calls and holding the vision that whatever conflict was started between Christmas and New Year would not escalate, and thus even though I give you the potential for what could happen, I do not wish you to focus on this. I wish you to hold the immaculate concept and to make the calls that the situation will not escalate into unstoppable violence, but will indeed lead to a positive outcome.

Yet I must tell you that Pakistan will not be able to rise while the current president is in power, so, again, you face a very delicate situation that you need to have a new president, but it needs to be a president that is strong enough so that there is no power vacuum that will encourage the extremists. And so the question becomes, how do you find such a candidate that is powerful enough to hold down the extremists, without at the same time abusing power by stopping democracy?

And this is, of course, a dilemma that has no easy solution—until the people raise their consciousness. And thus, the consciousness of the people themselves will precipitate the emergence of a candidate that has the necessary balance between love, wisdom and power.


 Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels