Can I ascend after this lifetime? 

Question: I have had the experience that I am a spiritual being, the feeling that all life is one so I do not doubt that we are all one with God. But in my normal day to day consciousness, I still feel and believe that I have a lot of karma with my late husband and my children. So I need to reincarnate again, and work all this out and also to help them. Is this an illusion? Is it really realistic that we normal people can ascend after this lifetime?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, it is entirely possible to be a spiritual person and an ascended master student, and it is not in your divine plan to ascend after this lifetime. This applies to a substantial part of you. I do not want to put a number on it. We have talked about it before that there are some of you that want to be in embodiment again because you will want to be part of manifesting Saint Germain’s Golden Age. There are also some of you who have defined certain goals for yourself that you want to fulfill that is not realistic for this lifetime. Some of you have determined that instead of ascending with only some of your karma balanced, you want to balance all of it. So you cannot apply a particular standard.

But there are, of course, some of you who have made it part of your divine plan to ascend after this lifetime. And if this is what you have done, then it is because it is realistic for you to do so, if you transcend yourself as you need to do. It is clear that if you look at normal people, in terms of normal people in society, the vast majority of them are not ready to ascend after this lifetime. And they could decide to enter an ascended master teaching and apply that teaching. But it would not mean that they could ascend after this lifetime.

But if you have a strong enough sense that there are certain things you want to resolve, and that you do not feel this can be done in this lifetime, then it is most likely because you are tuned in to your divine plan. Now be careful not to make a decision with the outer mind. But continue to walk the path and increase your discernment. And you may get a different sense later on. And then be open to receiving that.


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