Can human beings physically control the weather?

Question:  The masters say that it is people’s consciousness that actually creates erratic weather patterns or just creates the weather in general. We hear that humans can control the weather by cloud seeding/ chemtrails for farming, so my question is: Is it true or is it true that humans can control the weather to a certain extent through physical means?  If so, how much control do humans have when it comes to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

The teachings we are giving through this dispensation is that consciousness comes before the physical manifestation, this applies to all phenomena on earth. I have given many teachings in previous years that natural disasters are a product of the collective consciousness, so are many weather patterns.

The reality here is this: The erratic weather patterns that you see and have seen are a manifestation of the collective consciousness.  Human beings, of course, are in such a low state of consciousness that they are not taking responsibility for their state of consciousness therefore they do not acknowledge that it is their consciousness that has produced these phenomena. They don’t like the phenomena, they suffer from them; they have a desire to control the environment, especially the fallen beings. Even many human beings have been misled into thinking this – that we should be able to control the physical environment. So they seek for physical, material means, that can change the weather.

Of course you have the phenomenon known as the mad scientist and you see this in both the United States and Russia, especially in the Soviet Union and in other countries where they are seeking to weaponise everything. Even weaponise the weather, be able to produce earthquakes by nuclear weapons or whatever, so naturally there has been research conducted in these areas. To some degree people are able to control the weather. Obviously if you detonated a nuclear bomb on a fault line, you may be able to produce an earthquake and so forth and so on.

It’s not that there isn’t technology there that can be used to physically control the weather. The question that needs to be asked here is: Why are you seeking for physical means to change a phenomenon that was produced by the mind in the first place? Wouldn’t it be easier to just change your mind, instead of seeking for some very complex, difficult to achieve, physical technology? Well, the reason for this is of course the influence of the fallen beings who are not willing to change their mind. Therefore when they are not willing to change their mind, they know they cannot use the mind to change these phenomena and therefore they are seeking and they have been seeking for millions of years even in past spheres, for physical means to control the physical octave.

Certainly, yes, within a limited range, you can gain some control with technology. When you know the reality that all physical phenomena have their real cause in the three higher levels then you also see the limitations of physical technology. You see it no more clearly than in the medical field. Of course the weather is another example where whatever technology has been developed has had very limited success in controlling the weather.

I know there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there but the fact of the matter is that you will never actually be able to create physical technology that will achieve ultimate control over the earth. The reason for this is that the collective consciousness in the identity, mental and emotional realms will always come in and override the effect of technology. It will always be more powerful; it can be no other way. Physical technology simply isn’t powerful enough to override the effect – the huge effect – of the collective consciousness in the three higher realms.

One conclusion to this is of course that humankind is at a level where at least some people are beginning to realize the limitations of technology, the dangers of mindless mechanical technology, the dangers of a mechanical approach to life on earth, of a materialistic approach.

So there is a growing openness that we need to seek an alternative, at least to the current technology, the force-based technology. Another conclusion for spiritual people is, again be careful how much attention you put on this and all these theories and this and that and all the doomsday prophecies out there. It really isn’t so that the physical realm has more power than the three higher realms. It never will be so.

This could be applied to the unanswered question about the solar cores, that a physical phenomenon will not be able to extinguish the sun because the sun is a portal for energy from the ascended realm. So it will certainly shine for as long as is needed here on earth for people to complete the spiritual growth that they are meant to have on this planet. There is no danger, certainly not in your lifetimes of extinguishing the sun or anything like this because again, the three higher octaves will always be more powerful than the physical octave.


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