Can God create something separate from itself?

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Question: Could God make a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Thank you for submitting a humorous version of an ancient question about one of the more paradoxical elements of God.

Since the beginning of time, people have been speculating about the nature and capabilities of God. They sense that God must be above and beyond human beings, and many speculate that God must be almighty and unlimited. Therefore, they feel that God should be able to do anything, and this leads to the paradoxical question that you are asking.

Let me first caution you that it simply is not possible to fathom the nature of God with the human intellect. Therefore, there is no intellectual answer to this question. However, let me attempt to give an answer that might be helpful to those who are willing to look beyond the intellect.

One of the most common misconceptions about God is the idea that God is perfect, and therefore it could never change. God is indeed perfect, but perfection does not mean something that stands still. In reality, God is ever-changing because God simply cannot stop creating. When God creates, it creates everything out of its own substance and so to create something new, God must transcend itself. To create something new, God must be willing to become more than it already is. Without it was not anything made that was made, so when something new is made, God must become more than it already is.

I know this explanation will seem like heresy to many religious people who have put God in a little box and who are not willing to allow God to change. Nevertheless, God is transcending itself every second, and that is why constant growth is the basic law of this universe. That is indeed why God wants its sons and daughters to constantly grow and transcend themselves and become more than what they were created to be.

So to return to your question, the answer is that God can indeed create a burrito so hot that it could not eat it, given who and what it is at the moment it created the burrito. Yet God also has the ability to transcend itself instantly so that it could now eat the burrito. At this new level, God could then create another burrito which it could not eat at that level. It could then transcend itself again and eat the burrito, create a new one and keep repeating the cycle forever and ever.

Although this might be entertaining for a time, God has chosen to create universes instead of burritos. God has chosen to populate those universes with intelligent beings who are replicas of itself. God has chosen to give these beings the capacity of consciousness to realize who they are as sons and daughters of God. That is indeed why human beings have the ability and the desire to speculate about the nature of God and understand the nature of God.

I hope this explanation was not so hot that you will have trouble eating it. It might be bitter in the mouth, but it will be sweet in the belly!


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels