Can astrology change the past?

Question: Can astrological analysis delete or change previous life mistakes? Astrology can make an analysis of your personal life. Can it change the past?

Answer from the Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels:


This is not to say that astrological analysis is useless. It can be used constructively to get to know certain aspects of your path and your past, even certain karmic patterns. You can then use our tools, such as the Violet Flame and other decrees and invocations, to invoke the light and then the light can change the past, but no analysis of astrology and no other form of trickery of astrology can change the past.

No one can do this for you, my beloved. You have created it, you must un-create it. Otherwise, how would you attain self-mastery, if someone else did it all for you? Therefore, beware of any practitioner in any field that promises you that they have some kind of shortcut that can set you free from what is your responsibility.


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