Can a fallen being become a student of the ascended masters?

Question: Can a fallen being become a student of the ascended masters?

Answer from Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, yes, and it has indeed happened to quite a number of them. Not so many in this dispensation, but especially in the Summit Lighthouse there were many fallen beings, not necessarily the highest ranking ones, but there were many people who were close to the messenger, and even on staff, who were fallen beings. In most cases, it was because they had followed the leaders as fallen beings, and the messenger had volunteered, the messenger for the Summit Lighthouse, had volunteered to give these lifestreams an opportunity to rediscover the path to Christhood.

You can, of course, always raise the question: “Can a fallen being become a student of the outer path and the outer teachings of the ascended masters?” And the answer is yes. And then you can go on and ask: “Can a fallen being become a student of the inner path, and really, truly lock into the teachings of the ascended masters?”

Experience shows us that some fallen beings can indeed do this, but relatively few of them. Many of those who have become students of ascended master teachings have not locked into the inner path. They have not passed the second challenge of Christ. They have come to that point where the very illusion that caused them to fall, gave them such a sense of reality that they were not willing to question it. Even when they were confronted with this need to question this illusion — whether it was done by the messenger, or from within, or by other people — then they refused to question it. Some of them even left the organization, became disgruntled with the messenger or criticized the messenger, and so on.

It is difficult to help these fallen beings from an ascended master perspective, and that is why we are no longer focusing so much on this — although, in the early years of this dispensation, we did attempt to use this messenger to give certain initiations to certain fallen beings that were part of this movement in the early years. We also gave many teachings that were meant to help these beings overcome their illusions and step onto the inner path. But again, relatively few of them managed to do this.


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