Building discernment about spiritual techniques and teachings

Question:  In your book The Song of life Healing matrix, the Divine mother Maraytaii talks about the soundless sound which created the universe. Here are many people who are practicing a meditation called Surat Shabd yoga, the inner light and sound meditation which originated from Saint Gabriel of India (a religious society). Can you please comment on the relationship between these. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea in 2016.

My beloved, there are many methods that have been developed on earth. There are many methods that have been given by various beings in a higher realm, including the ascended masters. The soundless sound mentioned in the healing matrix book is not, of course, a soundless sound. It is a sound that you cannot hear with the physical ear because it is above and beyond the vibrations that the ear can hear. We have called it the soundless sound in order to help you realize that it is not the kind of sound that exists in the material realm. Of course, the sound levels that you have in the material realm could not have created the material realm. This I trust you can see.

It is important for you to make that distinction so you do not think that the sounds that you have and that you can use in the material realm can affect what is beyond the material realm. There are many people, over the course of history, who have attempted to create certain rituals, certain matrices, certain incantations that can affect what goes on in the spiritual realm. There are people who have, as Jesus said, attempted to take heaven by force because they think that they can create some kind of ritual that forces God or angels or the ascended masters to give them what they want, to produce certain physical results. But this, of course, is not possible. There is absolutely nothing you can do, either with sound, light or other energies that make up the material universe, that can force a response from the spiritual realm. The lower vibrations that make up the material universe have no power whatsoever over the spiritual.

This is the measure that you can use to evaluate any method that has been developed, or that people claim they have received from a higher realm. If a certain method claims that it has the power to produce a certain response from the spiritual realm – from angels, from God, from spiritual beings – then you know that it does not come from the ascended realm because we, of course, know that this is not possible.

Now, you may, of course, look at our invocations and decrees and say: “Well, do they not have the effect of invoking light from the spiritual realm?” And yes they do, but they do not force it. They do not force us to release light. You understand that even though we have given you a decree, for example a decree to Archangel Michael, if you give that decree with impure intentions, there will be no response from Archangel Michael.

The reason for this is that the relationship you have with us is not a mechanical relationship. We have not given you a blank check. We have not given you a mechanical instrument so that if you give an invocation a certain number of times, you are guaranteed to produce a certain result. We have given you a matrix that allows us to release light, if we choose to do so. If we choose to release light, we will do so.

Now, that being said, there is, of course, a certain effect that can be attained by giving any kind of ritual because there are certain rituals that can invoke an effect from energy that is already in the material spectrum. If you, for example, are burdened by negative energy of a certain vibration and you invoke energy of a higher vibration but still in the material spectrum, then you can have a positive effect from this. But this is not the same as invoking light from the ascended realm because the light from the ascended realm is not released mechanically. It is released by our choice, by our evaluating the purity of your intention.

You understand that there are actually people who can give invocations and decrees, and they receive no response from us whatsoever because their intention is not pure. However, there are very few people who are in this situation. The vast majority of people will receive a response from us, but that response will be designed based on their individual situation. It is clear that when we release a technique, such as invocations, we do not demand that you have completely pure intentions when you start using it.

An invocation is meant to help you overcome a certain issue. Of course, we don’t demand that you have overcome this issue before you start using the invocation. Then, there would be no point in giving you the invocation. You realize that if you have a somewhat pure intention, there will be an effect from giving invocations and decrees, but the amount of light we release to you individually, will be just enough to help you take the next step on your path. If we released too much light, you would not be able to handle it. When you take that next step, then you have a more pure intention for giving your invocations and decrees and then we can release more light at that level.

This becomes an individual process between you and the masters you are calling to. We look at your lifestream and we release the exact amount of light that you need in order to take the next step. But we do not release more than you can handle at the time. This is, of course, the advantage of working with the ascended masters where it is not so much the outer technique that is creating the response, but you building a relationship with us.

What I am saying here is this, my beloved: When I release an invocation, it is not so that I simply release it to the world and then I don’t pay attention to who is giving it. Whenever someone gives an invocation released by me, there is an aspect of my consciousness that instantly tunes in to that lifestream. Then I am working with that lifestream individually because those of us who are ascended have the capacity of consciousness to tune in to many, many people at the same time. When you are fifty people giving an invocation together, there are several masters who are working with you individually and releasing the exact amount of light that you can handle individually. Of course, we are also multiplying your calls, based on the number of you coming together so that we can then have more of an effect at the collective level than is the amount of light released to you individually.

Again, we do not particularly desire, at this point, to use this messenger to comment on too many specific techniques or teachings or gurus or messengers that are out there. We have various reasons for this and therefore we seek to give you some general directions that you can use to evaluate many different teachings and techniques. One very important measure is, as I said: If a teaching or a technique claims that it can produce an automatic or mechanical response from the spiritual realm, then you know that there is something missing there.

You will also be able to look in general at any technique that claims that it can guarantee any kind of result, even if it is a result in the physical. As we have said so many times, everything is subject to free will. There does come a certain point where, in order to truly overcome a particular condition, whether it be a physical healing or something spiritual or mental or emotional, you have to see something and you have to make a decision to let go of the limited matrix. Therefore, there is a limit to what a guru or a healer or any other practitioner can do for you. You always need to look at people who claim that they can do something for you, and you need to evaluate whether they have a pure intention or whether they have the intention of making you codependent upon them, making you follow them, making you think that you cannot make progress without them.

Truly, a true teacher actually wants you to become free and to become self-sufficient, whereby you go within and you contact your own higher being. You contact the ascended masters from within yourself so that you get healing and direction and enlightenment from that source. What comes to you from the outside truly only has the purpose of stimulating that inner process, of you gaining your own vertical connection to your I AM Presence and the ascended masters. Anything from the outside that attempts to make you codependent on a particular teacher or organization does not have the ultimate pure intention. This is not to say that there are not well-meaning people who have pure intentions as far as they can see but who are not yet aware enough to realize the true process.

You understand, my beloved, that there are many divisions in the material realm and there is a certain tendency for the human consciousness to set itself up as being set apart from either specific other people or teachings, or from other beings in general. There is a tendency that ideas, ideologies, political systems, nations, spiritual teachings, want to set themselves apart and say: “We are so different from all these others, and we can give you something that nobody else can give you and that is why you need to come into our movement, our circle, and then stay there.”

You understand that in the spiritual realm, these divisions do not exist, my beloved. You cannot actually take the divisions that you see in the physical and transfer them to the ascended masters. You cannot say that there are masters that are from the East or that are more working with the East, or masters that are from the West. There are no divisions in the ascended realm. We do not see ourselves as belonging to any particular division you can create on earth. We have ascended because we have transcended all divisions. You will ascend only when you transcend all divisions.

That is why we, in the ascended realm, form a universal spiritual brotherhood, and we have only one goal and that is to set you free individually. Therefore, we have no need to create an organization that sets itself apart and says that we can guarantee you a certain result if you are loyal to the outer organization, the outer teaching, the outer guru. This is not our intention, it never has been, regardless of what some of our students may think. We are not trying to save the world through one particular messenger, one particular guru, one particular organization, or one particular teaching. We are trying to work with all people individually and give them tools and teachings that can help them take the next step on their path, regardless of where they are at.

When you look at the range of consciousness found on earth, you should be able to see that it is not possible to create one teaching or one organization that can help all people. That is why you need to recognize that we actually work with many different people and have worked with many different people throughout the world. Therefore, we have released certain teachings and techniques that were meant to be given at a certain level of consciousness to help people at that level take the next step up.

You need to understand that there is a certain level of consciousness, for example, people who are below the 48th level of consciousness. It is possible for us to release a teaching, tool or technique that can help people below that level. It is possible that there are people in embodiment who can receive that tool or that idea and therefore start spreading it, but those people are not able to maintain a continuous contact with us. You need to recognize that when we release something for that level of consciousness, once we have released it, we have no influence on what people do with it.

Therefore, there are many examples where we have released something that was genuine when it was released, but people have later taken it and turned it into something that allows them to manipulate others. They can take a genuine tool and use it with an impure intention. In many cases, they have also taken the original idea or tool and developed it into something that is in almost direct opposition to the original idea and intention. An obvious example is, of course, how the Catholic church has perverted the teachings of Jesus, but there are many other examples of certain ideas and techniques that have been released by us and that were genuine when they were released. As I said, when the people who receive an idea are not able to maintain a continuous contact with us, then we have no influence on what they do with it.

You understand, my beloved, that even within the last century, we have released very extensive teachings through a limited number of messengers and there are certain organizations that we sponsored for a time. When an organization no longer has a messenger who has direct contact with the ascended realm, then we must set the teaching and the organization free. We have no direct influence on what the leaders and the members of a certain organization do with that organization and with the teaching. We can only hope that they will keep publishing the teaching in the original form because then the teaching is there so that people can find it and use the teaching to make their inner contact with us.

We can also hope that a certain organization will encourage its members to use the teaching and the tools to establish that inner contact with the ascended masters, rather than start following the outer leaders of the organization. Essentially, this is what happened to Christianity. In the beginning stages of the Christian movement, many people understood the need to establish a direct inner personal contact with Jesus. But there was also a certain aspect of Christianity that started emerging that wanted a more doctrinal, unified approach that put more emphasis on the outer organization and a unified doctrine. This is what eventually became the Catholic church, which now suddenly clamped down and said: “We are the only true representatives of Christ and therefore people must follow us and we need to suppress all of the mystical movements out there.” This is the dynamic that has been seen in history over and over again.

You can look at any teaching, any tool, and you can look at: “Is there something of value in it, something that has universal value?” Then you can look at how the people who are promoting it are doing so. Do they have pure intentions? Or do they have an intention of tying you to a certain outer organization? In some cases you can still use the technique, but you can avoid the outer organization and so you need to use your own individual discernment, my beloved. The primary reason we do not want to use this messenger to give you answers about specific teachings is that we want you to use the tools we have given in order to build your personal discernment. We do not want to give you an outer teaching so you say: “Oh I should avoid that teaching because the ascended masters said it did not come from them.” You need to understand that if you had been attracted to a certain teaching, there is a reason for that.

You needed to have the experience of being in that teaching because it was part of your path, it was part of the process of you building your discernment and learning to see what resonates with you, what rings true to you. You can only do this by experimenting. Do you understand that we do not want to use a particular messenger to give you an outer teaching that causes you to not use your discernment?

It is not necessarily so, my beloved, that because you have found this teaching, you should never study anything else. Many of you need to study certain outer teachings in order to have certain experiences that will then help you build discernment. Your path is a very complex path and we do not want you to use the teaching that we have given through this messenger to say: “Oh, now that I have found this teaching from the ascended masters, I can ignore everything else.” You always need to use your discernment to feel whether there is a certain outer teaching that you need to study, because this is part of your individual path.

Again, the teaching we are giving now through this messenger, you need to see it not in an exclusivist term, but to see that this can be sort of the backbone of your spiritual path, but not the only aspect of your spiritual path. If you feel an intuitive urge to study something else, then by all means do so. It doesn’t mean you need to forget about this teaching, but it means that for a time, you may need to be focused elsewhere and then maybe you come back and study this teaching and then you take another step up on your path.

Then you walk this path throughout your life by following your intuition rather than letting your outer mind cause you to create a mental box out of this teaching and say: “Now I will no longer listen to my intuition, for I have decided with my outer mind that I need to stay in this box for the rest of my life.” My beloved, the human mind wants to create boxes out of everything, but you do not ascend by staying in a particular box. You ascend only by transcending all of the boxes created by human beings on earth, created by the fallen beings, or created by your own ego and outer mind.


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