Building a momentum on using a technique for protection

Question: My question concerns negative energy. If you use the protection measures espoused what is stopping the negative energy knowing this and then sending a stronger vibration against you. To use an analogy, you protect yourself with a stick, they use a knife, You then use a gun, they use a canon. Poorly expressed, but do you get my drift. I don’t understand how the dark energy seems to overcome light protection when the best intention and methods of protection are used.


Answer from Jesus:

Your analogy is very good, and it is true but only up to a point. When you begin to use spiritual protection, the dark forces will step up their attack and try to break down your protection. However, if you make a sincere effort, you will build a momentum on using a technique for protection. As you increase your connection to your Christ self, you can invoke such a powerful spiritual protection that none of the forces of this world can penetrate it. You can literally invoke spiritual protection of such strength that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

This is easy to understand when you contemplate the reality that everything is energy. The forces of this world can use only the energies of this world to attack you. All of the energies in this world are of lower vibrations than the energies in the spiritual realm. Therefore, when you invoke a wall of spiritual light around yourself, that wall will have such a high vibration that the lower energies from this world cannot penetrate it. By continuing to attack the wall, the dark forces can gradually break it down. If you don’t renew it, they can eventually create holes in your protection. However, as long as you keep up your protection and renew it on a daily basis, you will be protected from the dark forces.

Unfortunately, you are correct that dark forces can overcome your light protection in other ways. The reason for this is that the spiritual protection you invoke will not override your free will. As an illustration of this, imagine that your spiritual protection forms a wall around you, much like a house. The wall is impenetrable, but it has doors and windows. If you open a door or window, then energy can penetrate the wall from the outside and reach you even though you are inside the wall.

So what causes the opening of the doors and windows in the wall? It is your own imperfect beliefs and psychological wounds. As long as you maintain certain imperfect beliefs, such as the belief that you are a miserable sinner who deserves to be punished for doing something bad, then the dark forces can attack you through that belief. This does not mean that such imperfect beliefs completely neutralize all spiritual protection. But it does mean that imperfect beliefs can be like a door or window in the wall. A certain amount of energy can enter your forcefield through that opening. You are still much better off than without the wall of protection, but you are not completely protected.

Another factor that can cause chinks in your armor is psychological wounds that cause you to respond to certain situations with negative feelings. For example, if you are afraid of dark forces, the vibration of fear can create a hole or crack in the wall of spiritual protection. Another common factor is anger. If people respond to certain situations with anger, they will create openings in their spiritual armor, and the dark forces will then have access to their conscious and subconscious minds. In fact any of the spiritual poisons described by Mother Mary will create holes in your armor.

What you see here is that when you first learn about the need for spiritual protection, you will face an uphill battle for a time. You will invoke spiritual protection, but it will be partly neutralized or broken down by imperfect beliefs or psychological wounds. If you never do anything to resolve such beliefs or heal your wounds, the battle can go on for the rest of your life. It is literally like taking two steps forward and sliding one step backward. Many people do indeed live their entire lives this way, and the reason is that they do not make the necessary effort to resolve their imperfect beliefs and heal their wounds.

When you decide to fully engage in the path to personal Christhood, you will engage in a serious study of spiritual teachings that will eventually help you remove all imperfect beliefs from your being. You will also engage in an effort to heal your psychology, to heal your soul, from all wounds received in this and past lifetimes. As you do this, you will close the doors and windows that make you vulnerable to the attacks of the dark forces. When you invoke spiritual protection, your subconscious choices will no longer neutralize that protection. Therefore, you will be sealed inside a wall of light, and as long as you maintain that light, you will truly be invulnerable and sealed from the dark forces.

However, for your spiritual protection to work with maximum efficiency, you need to overcome the beliefs and the wounds that make you vulnerable to the temptations of the dark forces. When you do, the Prince of this world will come and have nothing in you whereby he can tempt you into neutralizing your spiritual protection. You can then be in the world without being of the world. You can be the light that shines in the darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not, nor can it attack your light.


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