Buddhism and progressive revelation

Question: About a thousand years ago, one of the highest teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, Kali Chakra Tantra was expounded by a Master. However, for various reasons the original text of the teaching was lost. Can we hope that in the near future the Beloved Master will set forth a more complete teaching that would be close and accessible to the followers of Tibetan Buddhism in particular and Buddhism in general?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

Unfortunately my Beloved my ability to reform Tibetan Buddhism is about as limited as Jesus’ ability to reform Christianity. The same goes for the other mainstream branches of Buddhism who are not really open to the concept that I could today be an ascended master and be one among many ascended masters. We will of course continue to give new teachings. I have already through this messenger and through previous dispensations given teachings that are more advanced than anything that could be given a thousand years ago.

You see in almost every religious movement this tendency to look back to the past and glorify the past as if what could be given in the past was somehow a higher or purer teaching than what can be given in the present. But given the reality of progressive revelation you recognize that as the collective consciousness moves forward, more advance teachings can be given now than could be given a thousand or two thousand or twenty-five hundred years ago. As an ascended master student there is no reason to look to the past and glorify the past teachings.


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