Book of Revelation as a zen koan

Question: You once mentioned that the Revelation in the Bible actually is a teaching from the Ascended Masters and it says that it was teaching or a revelation from Jesus given to John.  But will we ever get an explanation?  How can we help people who believe in the Bible as God’s word and believe in the revelation? And you just mentioned there can never be a real war in heaven but the revelation is talking about a war in heaven and the devil and his demons have been cast down and so forth and so forth.  How can we get an explanation and help people who are believing in this? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017

When we give a teaching regardless of whether it is today or 5,000 or 10,000 years ago we always have to give a teaching that is adapted to the collective consciousness.  And so what you had 2000 years ago, you had a certain level of collective consciousness, you had certain concepts that could be used.  You saw this when I walked the earth, I used certain ideas and concepts that was what people could deal with at the time and then you always give them a little bit more so you push them.

And the Book of Revelation was an attempt to give people a teaching that was so difficult to interpret with the linear mind that they would be forced to go out of the linear mind to make any kind sense out of it.  So you can look at this as you can look at a zen koan it is an attempt to give a teaching that neutralises the analytical, linear mind and therefore the only way to make any kind of sense out of the Book of Revelation is to neutralise and reach beyond the linear, analytical mind.

But what you need to recognise here is that, at the moment you reach beyond the linear mind there is not just one true interpretation. It is only in the linear mind that you have the concept that there is only one truth or there is a highest truth and there is only one interpretation that is the real one and therefore all others must be wrong.

Once you go into the intuitive mind and you basically become a mystic, then you see that there are various interpretations that could be given that could all have some validity because they help people rise to a higher level of consciousness.

We have said many times that our goal is not to bring forth an absolute highest teaching on earth but to bring forth many teachings that are designed for specific groups of people and the teaching designed on, is based for what people know and how they look at life and then we aim to take them a few steps higher.  We don’t aim to take them in many cases to the ultimate understanding because they are not ready for that.

Even as Ascended Master students you could say that we are not really withholding anything from you.  It’s not like we are sitting here saying – there is a teaching here that they can’t handle, but, we are still limited by the general view of life that you have and so there are certain concepts that we cannot verbalise because you have no awareness of how to interpret those words.

This relates to many of the subtle issues like even what we have talked about with some of the issues of physics and how you co-create reality and how you interpret reality, for example ‘is there a real objective world and how is that objective world’ and so forth.

It’s difficult even for us to verbalise it not because we can’t verbalise it but we can’t do it with words that you can grasp right now and that is why we are waiting until the scientific language has become more developed before we can then use it.

And so again the Book of Revelation was given at a time when people had a certain awareness, a certain language and that is why it is said that there was a ‘war in heaven’ or at least what was said has been translated into ‘heaven’ in most languages.  But there are different ways to interpret what was originally said.  But again at the time, people only had the concept, there is the physical universe and then anything that’s higher than that is heaven and anything that’s lower was hell and that was all they could deal with at the time.

And so you now have a greater understanding that there are levels of the material universe, there are levels of the spiritual realm.  And therefore you understand that what was really referred to in the Book of Revelation was a previous unascended sphere, but how could we explain that to people at the time?  And so we could only give them a concept that they could grasp and that means it wasn’t really accurate in the linear sense but then again as I said, the Book of Revelation was never meant to be interpreted with the linear mind.  And that is why you will see that there are many of the more linear Christians out there who either ignore it or come up with some interpretation that’s actually really illogical and artificial where if you look more closely at their interpretation it’s full of contradictions, it’s full of unexplained questions.

And how you can you help these people?  Many of them – I can only say, if you can help them, you can do something I cannot do, but many of them you might be able to help by pointing out the unexplained questions or the contradictions in their interpretations and explaining to them that there are many, many things that I said that were not meant to be interpreted with the linear mind.   And you can give them examples as I have given in various teachings where some clearly cannot be understood with the linear mind.


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